NRPE plugin to get performance data from sar, originally intended for use with zenoss
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This plug-in was written to get performance data from sar. It was developed for use with Zenoss but should work with other NRPE compatible NMS.

You may need to tweak the profiles to be compatible with your version of sysstat. Please make modifications to the myOpts section.

Example output: cpu
sar OK| CPU=all user=59.90 nice=0.00 system=4.46 iowait=0.00 steal=0.00 idle=35.64 disk sda
sar OK| DEV=sda tps=0.00 rd_sec/s=0.00 wr_sec/s=0.00 avgrq-sz=0.00 avgqu-sz=0.00 await=0.00 svctm=0.00 util=0.00 foo
ERROR: option not defined