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Umich DPS

This repo is not maintained anymore and may be archived in the future

Let me first apologize for the lengthy requirement list, but it combines, in my opinion, the best of python and javascript development.

  • Clone repository
  • Install nodejs. Allows for the javascript build system Grunt
  • npm install -g grunt-cli allows us to invoke grunt just like make
  • npm install to install all the javascript dependencies to build site
  • Create python 2.7+ virtual environment. The virtual environment ensures that your other python installations aren't effected by this application
  • Execute pip install -r requirements.txt. All of the python dependencies are satisfied.
  • If you aren't in possession of the database, ask politely or pay me big monie$
  • Create file called .database in root application directory with the contents being the path to the database.
  • Run python | tee .cached-statistics.json | gzip > .cached-statistics.json.gz as this will create a file to send to the client when they ask for the statistics. It is too computationally intense to calculate on the fly for each request.
  • Execute grunt to 'compile' the site.
  • At this point, you should be able to activate the virtual environment and execute python, which will start the local server. Navigate to localhost:5000 to see web site.
  • In development, ensure that there is a grunt watch process running, as this will keep all the javascript, python, and markdown in line.