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JSPM playground

JavaScript Style Guide

Getting started

This branch will follow some simple steps to get you up and running with jspm at a basic level. The final structure of the project will look like:

|-- app/
    |-- client/
        |-- config.js
        |-- client.js
        |-- index.html
        |-- jspm_packages/
        |-- components/
            |-- tada/
                |-- tada.js
    |-- index.js
    |-- public/
        |-- index.html
        |-- build-sfx.js
|-- node_modules/
|-- package.json


  • initialize npm
  • install jspm and initialize it
  • install express and set-up a basic server
  • test System.js
  • us jspm to install react and enjoy

CSS modules

CSS modularisation where styles can be scoped directly to the render code that they are bundled are awesome! In this example we'll be installing Aphrodite via jspm, and slightly componentize a bit our initial app structure.

  • install Aphrodite
  • import the module and start writing css modules!

Hot reloading

Reloading modules as needed to have a satisfyingly fast feedback loop when developing

  • using system-js-hot-reloader together with chokidar-socket-emitter

Production workflows

  • Sfx bundle and production index
  • Build scripts