A starter kit to bootstrap your react development using JSPM
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JSPM - REACT starter kit

A starter kit to bootstrap your react development using JSPM, a package manager for the SystemJS universal module loader.

Why JSPM in a nutshell:

  • Write code and run it without a building step.
  • Babel comes with JSPM.
  • Easily installs React component.
  • ES6 modules support other extensions other then .js (.jsx)


  • app/
    • index.js
  • public/
    • config.js
    • index.html
  • package.json


Make sure you have jspm installed globably:

$ npm i -g jspm

Install npm dependencies:

$ npm i

Install jspm dependencies:

$ jspm i

You are now ready to go! Serve your index.html app via a server and you will see your hellow world react component rendered!

Prototype JSPM development server

You can use the jspm-server as a development server for JSPM static sites. It's based on @tapio's excellent live-server:

Install jspm-server globally:

$ npm i -g jspm-server

Run the server from the project root

$ jspm-server