An assortment of plugins, build systems, etc. for Sublime Text 3 and (mostly) R/Rmd
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knit with knitr.sublime-build

SubloomeR: Some useful Sublime Text resources for R and Rmd

  • to install, copy these to User in your Sublime Text packages folder. See README for SubloomPeek for extra info.


Rmd.sublime-build auto-detects .Rmd files, builds them, and opens the resulting .md file in Marked. You should be able to run them by pressing ⌘B when viewing an .Rmd file.

Subloom Peek

R help and/or static help file access through popup windows. See folder for more details.

Does one of a few things:

  1. If only one pane is open, it creates a new pane and initializes the R REPL
  2. If two panes are open and no R REPL process is running, it creates a new R REPL in the newest pane
  3. If two panes are open and the newest pane contains an R REPL, it makes that REPL view active
  4. If there is an active R REPL open, whether you have two panes open or not, it moves that REPL to a righthand pane.



To add with keybinding ⌘-Shift-R, add this to your User Keybindings file:

    "keys": ["super+shift+r"],
    "command": "origami_repl"


Sends line to R and moves the cursor to the next line with text in it (skips lines that start with comment characters automatically). Goes with To use, add both the sublime-macro file and the move_by_paragraph file to the User folder of your Sublime packages folder. Add the following to your User Keybindings:

    "keys": ["super+enter"], 
    "command": "run_macro_file", 
    "args": {"file": "Packages/User/send-and-move-forward.sublime-macro"}