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Accessing movie data and up-to-date cinema listings is unreasonably hard.

Find any Film was originally funded by the UK Film Council. In an article from way back in 2009 they describe that an "API will also be rolled out that will allow developers to build applications around this unique and rich data set". I guess that never happened, then.

This is a quick-and-dirty API that screenscrapes Find any Film and was implemented to provide a cinemas and film showings data source for YRS i-DAT's 2013 project.

It's a simple Sinatra application, using Nokogiri for HTML/XML parsing. It's very similar to the UrbanScraper API I built previously.


The main version is hosted on Heroku, so it follows the conventions there. But to run locally:

foreman start

Go to: http://localhost:4000/.


Copyright (c) 2013 Nick Charlton. Code under the MIT license.

The content is bound by the data source itself and liable to the Find any Film Terms and Conditions. It basically says that you cannot reuse the data commercially and you are liable for the dissemination of said data. Or something.