An API for Urban Dictionary.
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Urban Dictionary is great. But, it's missing an API. So, this provides one.

This was originally built to provide a data source for a an extension to the Mac quick launch tool, Alfred. It allowed you to request a definition which would then be returned back to you. Alfred 2 changed the way extensions worked, and so UrbanScraper gained a few new methods, allowing the workflow to give 'live' results.

The live version is hosted on Heroku. It's a simple Sinatra application, using Nokogiri for HTML/XML parsing. MiniTest and VCR are used for testing and mocking web requests respectively.


It is targeted against Ruby 2.0. You'll also need Bundler.

bundle install
bundle exec ruby app.rb

Tests can be run using rake:

rake test


Copyright (c) 2011 Nick Charlton. Code under the MIT license.

The content you access is under the conditions of the Urban Dictionary's Terms of Service and owned by those who submitted it.