JSON Schema Lint. Like you I'm busy, so pull requests will get merged quicker than feature requests are implemented.
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JSON Schema Lint

Build Status


npm install

Run tests

# Unit tests
npm run test

# End-to-end tests (build:dev is faster, but Travis uses build:production)
npm run build:production
npm run e2e

# Run limited set of end-to-end tests on Chrome only - 2 terminals required
npm run preview # terminal 1
npm run build:dev # terminal 2
npm run protractor -- --specs e2e-tests/smoke.spec.js --params.browsers="chrome" # terminal 2


"live reload" webpack dev server

npm run dev-server

Open http://localhost:8080/webpack-dev-server.

Static express preview (of dist/)

npm run preview

Open http://localhost:3001/.

Building dist/


npm run build:production

Development (with sourcemap)

npm run build:dev