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Docker Twitter Streamer Example

This is an example of using the node.js twitter library in a Dockerised app to follow a particular search term.


  • some twitter application keys
  • docker
  • npm
  • node.js

You need the last two to run this locally outside of Docker.

To Run Locally

node streamer.js <search terms>

where is a single string, eg "apple".

Once started this will being tracking that term and printing the raw json to the console:

tracking terms: apple
{ created_at: 'Mon Nov 23 16:16:19 +0000 2015',
  id: 668825412311449600,
  id_str: '668825412311449600',

To Build The Docker Container

docker build -t "streamer" .

To Run The Docker Container

docker run -t -i streamer apple

You should shortly see your stream output.