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AR Core

This is a series of mobile AR experiences I created to get familiar with the AR Core SDK. The projects demonstrate a working knowledge of plane detection, anchors, and 3D object manipulation in an AR context.

Sushi Bar

This project is a customization of some basic hello world functionality. I replaced the model with another model that I created and also swapped the texture used by the plane detection mechanic. I encorporated audio so that it fires when a model is attached to a plane.

Key concepts:

  • Planes
  • Anchors

AR Sushi Bar When the app detects surfaces, user taps the screen and drops a plate of sushi on the surface.

AR Treasure Hunt

This project brings in more functionality to create a more complex experience. I added conditional functionality that unfolds in a specific sequence that is initiated by user events. There is also a blend of 2D screenspace touch actions along with 3D world space behaviors that exemplify mobile AR experience.

Key concepts:

  • AR Object instantiation
  • Conditional functionality
  • Touch/raycast events

AR Treasure Hunt First, the user drops a locked chest, then the key. Next, they tap the key to pick it up, and tap the chest to unlock the treasure!