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A crisp, clean php template made by a designer

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+A crisp, clean php template made by a designer
+### Why?
+I made button down in an attempt to learn how to separate functionality from layout from content. I already knew some php (like, simple booleans, includes and variable) and I was familiar with frameworks like [Jekyll]: and enjoy its elegant simplicity.
+### The Controller
+*Thread* (or `_thread.textile`"`) is the basic controller and contains all of the functions that deliver modular elements as well as handle functionality (like the form handler script). The way it works is that *thread* is simply included in each file, variables that are defined get converted into global variables that are used in various functions.
+### Routing and File Structure
+The file structure is basic. Files are arranged just as they would be on a static site. My preference is to have directories that contain `index.php` files to create a cleaner URLs. Each file in the system contains a PHP header that defines variables pertaining to content and layout. The header also pulls in the *thread* (controller) and the header, footer and other modular elements are pulled in as function calls. Modules and includes are designated as .textiles to help separate them from the php files.
+### Views and Layouts
+Layouts are determined by a variable defined in the header of each page. The top and bottom of each layout exist in the `_layouts` in a directory that determines the name of the layout. `top.textile` and `bttm.textile` are each called from the `includes/header.textile` and `includes/footer.textile` respectively. These layout submodules separate the layouts from the header, footer and other includes in the `_includes` directory. The way, content, meta tags, links, and analytics information is kept clean and separate from the code that determines the layout.

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