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Computer Vision

This is a collection of sample projects I'm using to get familiar with various open cv features. My goal is to better understand the current state of computer vision technology so that I can make informed and realistic design decisions.

Key areas of interest:

  • Face Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Object Recognition
  • Marker detection
  • Image Processing

Open CV + Unity

So far, this project incorporates the Open CV + Unity asset bundle (not included in this repo, available:!/content/85928). At this point, I'd need to develop an interface that expose some of the features to the unity editor.

Open CV Face Detection Face detection Open CV Object Recognition Object Recognition Open CV Contours Edge Detection

Open CV For Unity

This project incorporates the Open CV for Unity asset bundle (not included in this repo, available:!/content/21088). For quickly hacking on Open CV inside of Unity, I recommend this plugin over the other. There is better integration with the Unity Editor and is IMO easier to use for quick explorations.

A quick example was an app that I made that detects a face and subsequently activates objects. In this case, I activated a "Happy Birthday" sound effect and confetti video object. I was able to wire this up in just a few minutes. This is a silly example of how you can use Unity and Open CV. Next up will be to detect the face location and attach an object to it.

Open CV Face Detection Happy Birthday! Face detection...