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Javascript voice interface

This project started when I was playing around with the all voice Bluetooth interface in my car to make a phone call. I suddenly became fascinated by voice interactions and wanted to start playing around with something. I have to admit, the first thing I thought was, "I'm sure there's got to be some open source voice library out there"...and of course, there was. Basically, among many things I found during my initial search, pocketsphinx.js and meSpeak seemed to stand out because they are both open source javascript libraries that are reasonably straight forward to get started with.

The goal

Create a super simple interface module. i.e. something that you can use to implement one or more voice controlled features... like "next" or "previous" on a menu. That means:

  • Create a basic interaction module that accepts inputs and maps to a conditional argument
  • Create a viable speech recognition loop so that it may be incorporated into conditional functionality

Demos and hacksaws

Basically the demo is currently a hack job of two demos: pocketsphinx.js and meSpeak. The pocketsphinx.js demo has a nice little set up where the user can turn on the microphone and watch the text from the words that it recognizes. However, to satisfy my goal of a simple interaction loop, I am working on automating the on and off of the microphone as well as simplifying the input interaction so that it is a keyword based conditional argument as opposed to a continual dictation style format. The speakMe stuff is added to replace most of the visual text on the page of the demo in order to achieve an all voice input/cue system. The visual text on the page that displays what the user says is part of the visual feedback system.

Disclaimer #1: this only works on Chrome for now...

Disclaimer #2: DEMO ONLY RUNS LOCALLY clone the repo, then:

$ cd server
$ bash serve-local.sh

Areas of interests:

  • functional feedback cycles
  • voice interface cues and timing
  • voice combined with other sounds
  • voice combined with visuals
  • refactoring code so that timing can be better controlled and more linear
  • consolidation of code while being able to update developing libraries
  • optimization workflows
  • compatibility with A-Frame projects and WebVR

Additional research

In the process, I've been learning about speech recognition fundamentals as well as getting updates on the state of affairs from the CMU Sphinx project.

License Information