Simple Nativescript + Angular 2 + Typescript App
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Simple Nativescript + Angular 2 + Typescript App

This project demonstrates how to use Nativescript with Angular 2 and Typescript, along with the Google Maps API natively.

Quick Start

Pull down the project.

Register for a Google Maps API key in the Google Developers Console.

For Android, add the key to app/App_Resources/Android/values/nativescript_google_maps_api.xml. For IOS, add the key to app/app.component.ts.

Run the appropriate command(s) from the terminal in the project folder

tns run ios
tns run android


  1. Google Maps natively integrated.
  2. Geolocation draws your path on the map as you travel.
  3. Draw a route by touching points on the map.
  4. Includes Telerik-UI side drawer.
  5. Nativescript + Angular2 + Typescript
  6. Uses Google Maps styling.


Change map style in app/pages/map/map-style.json.

For map styles, see Google Maps Style Reference and the Styling Wizard.

Special thanks to dapriett and Telerik