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Watches your Node.js connections and automatically reconnects on failure
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Watches your node.js connections and automatically reconnects them when things fail.

Connections in node.js are flaky by nature - a disconnection will throw a fatal error (unless your code is watching for them), potentially bringing down your entire application. Babysitter transparently catches these failures and automatically attempts to reconnect the problem connection, resulting in a more reliable application.

Babysitter can watch any EventEmitter that emits connect and close events.


    var Babysitter = require('babysitter');

    // Let's give the babysitter something to do besides watch tv
    var sitter = function( options, done ){
        // This function is responsible for setting up the connection, both
        // on the initial attempt and any reconnect attempts.
        var connection = net.createConnection( options.port, );

        // Give the connection back to the babysitter. Note that it's unnecessary to 
        // wait until the connect event for the connection - babysitter handles this transparently
        done( null, connection );
    }), {
        // Options to be passed to the connect function
        host: 'localhost',
        port: '8000'

    // Babysitter emits connect, close, end, and backoff
    sitter.on( 'connect', function(){

    sitter.on( 'close', function(){


All code licensed under the MIT license.

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