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#Firesea IRC


  • Uses a modified version of node-irc, shimmed out for fxos. Need to fix this up and contribute back upstream.
  • API for node-irc
  • Uses brick
  • my node-irc has a bunch of logging statements commented out, comment these back in for help debugging
  • this is a packaged app. refreshing a packaged app is broken. What I have to do is, quit the simulator (leave dashboard open), Refresh, Connect, Refresh

Running in Desktop Firefox

  1. Turn on mozTCPSocket pref
  2. Add tcp-socket permission for a domain
  • Hosting it locally
  1. Run

Idea from @asutherland

1. Turn on mozTCPSocket pref

  • Open "about:config" in the browser.
  • Right-click anywhere in the config setting listing, and choose "New", "Boolean" from the context menu.
  • Enter "dom.mozTCPSocket.enabled" in the "Enter the preference name" box and click the "OK" button.
  • Select "true" on the next dialog box and click the "OK" button.

Add tcp-socket permission for a domain (locally)

So you could run this from github pages, or from your local machine. Hosting it locally is a better idea, because theoritically Github could serve you different assets that abuse the ability to create TCP sockets. Far-fetched but possible.

I'd recommend (this part optional, but recommended) that you add a domain to your hosts file that redirects back to your machine, that way you're not allowing any site on localhost to use TCP sockets. I added the following to the bottom of my /etc/hosts file:

For whichever method you choose (locally or gh-pages), you need to add a permission for it. If you are hosting it locally, you would:

Bring up the error console in firefox by hitting control-shift-J. Paste the code into the "Code" box and click the "evaluate" button.

host = '';
perm = Components.classes[";1"]
ios = Components.classes[";1"]
uri = ios.newURI(host, null, null);
perm.add(uri, 'tcp-socket', 1);

This will allow permission to create and use TCP sockets. Tailor as needed.

XXX: TODO find out how to remove permission since it's not in about:permissions


I serve this locally with the command python -m SimpleHTTPServer. I should host the assets somewhere so you don't have to host them yourself, and create an add-on to add the pref and permission, but I haven't yet. I don't know when TCPSockets will land in desktop FF pref'd off.

Once serving, go to and enjoy.


IRC client for FxOS (and now desktop FF)







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