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Add a generation for 1800-2005, etc.

It was a poor choice to only add -g2009 for 1800-2009 and ignore the
previous version of System Verilog 1800-2005. This patch adds a
generation for 1800-2005 and also adds `begin_keywords support for
1800-2005. The previous SystemVerilog keywords have been put under
the 1800-2005 generation and the new one from 1800-2009 have also
been added.
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1 parent 20f3d7c commit d4a97b4a9cd7e063940937e5d6763f32064f4527 @caryr caryr committed with steveicarus Jan 8, 2011
Showing with 184 additions and 128 deletions.
  1. +9 −5 compiler.h
  2. +15 −11 driver/
  3. +7 −3 driver/main.c
  4. +9 −2 lexor.lex
  5. +123 −100 lexor_keyword.gperf
  6. +10 −2
  7. +8 −2 parse.y
  8. +3 −3
14 compiler.h
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
#ifndef __compiler_H
#define __compiler_H
- * Copyright (c) 1999-2010 Stephen Williams (
+ * Copyright (c) 1999-2011 Stephen Williams (
* This source code is free software; you can redistribute it
* and/or modify it in source code form under the terms of the GNU
@@ -122,7 +122,8 @@ enum generation_t {
GN_VER2001 = 3,
GN_VER2005 = 4,
- GN_VER2009 = 5,
+ GN_VER2005_SV = 5,
+ GN_VER2009 = 6,
@@ -159,14 +160,16 @@ extern bool gn_strict_expr_width_flag;
for SystemVerilog */
static inline bool gn_var_can_be_uwire(void)
- if (generation_flag == GN_VER2009)
+ if (generation_flag == GN_VER2005_SV ||
+ generation_flag == GN_VER2009)
return true;
return false;
static inline bool gn_system_verilog(void)
- if (generation_flag == GN_VER2009)
+ if (generation_flag == GN_VER2005_SV ||
+ generation_flag == GN_VER2009)
return true;
return false;
@@ -180,7 +183,8 @@ enum { GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995 = 0x0001,
GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001_CONFIG = 0x0004,
GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2005 = 0x0008,
GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3 = 0x0010,
- GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009 = 0x0020,
+ GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005 = 0x0020,
+ GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009 = 0x0040,
extern int lexor_keyword_mask;
26 driver/
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
-.TH iverilog 1 "December 29th, 2009" "" "Version %M.%m.%n %E"
+.TH iverilog 1 "January 8th, 2011" "" "Version %M.%m.%n %E"
iverilog - Icarus Verilog compiler
.B iverilog
[\-ESVv] [\-Bpath] [\-ccmdfile|\-fcmdfile] [\-Dmacro[=defn]]
[\-Pparameter=value] [\-pflag=value]
-[\-dname] [\-g1995|\-g2001|\-g2005|-g2009|\-g<feature>]
+[\-dname] [\-g1995|\-g2001|\-g2005|\-g2005-sv|\-g2009|\-g<feature>]
[\-Iincludedir] [\-mmodule] [\-M[mode=]file] [\-Nfile] [\-ooutputfilename]
[\-stopmodule] [\-ttype] [\-Tmin/typ/max] [\-Wclass] [\-ypath] sourcefile
@@ -61,14 +61,18 @@ is the Verilog input, but with file inclusions and macro references
expanded and removed. This is useful, for example, to preprocess
Verilog source for use by other compilers.
.TP 8
-.B -g1995\fI|\fP-g2001\fI|\fP-g2001-noconfig\fI|\fP-g2005\fI|\fP-g2009
-Select the Verilog language \fIgeneration\fP to support in the
-compiler. This selects between \fIIEEE1364\-1995\fP,
-\fIIEEE1364\-2001\fP, \fIIEEE1364\-2005\fP, or \fIIEEE1800-2009\fP.
-Normally, Icarus Verilog defaults to the latest known generation of the
-language. This flag is most useful to restrict the language to a set
-supported by tools of specific generations, for compatibility with
-other tools.
+.B -g1995\fI|\fP-g2001\fI|\fP-g2001-noconfig\fI|\fP-g2005\fI|\fP-g2005-sv\fI|\fP-g2009
+Select the Verilog language \fIgeneration\fP to support in the compiler.
+This selects between \fIIEEE1364\-1995\fP, \fIIEEE1364\-2001\fP,
+\fIIEEE1364\-2005\fP, \fIIEEE1800\-2005\fP, or \fIIEEE1800\-2009\fP.
+Icarus Verilog currently defaults to the \fIIEEE1364\-2005\fP generation
+of the language. This flag is used to restrict the language to a set of
+keywords/features, this allows simulation of older Verilog code that may
+use newer keywords and for compatibility with other tools. Much of the
+\fIIEEE1800\fP generations functionality is not currently supported.
+The \fIIEEE1800\fP generations do parse all the keywords, so they can
+be used to verify that \fIIEEE1364\fP compliant Verilog code does not
+use any of the new \fIIEEE1800\fP keywords.
.TP 8
.B -gverilog-ams\fI|\fP-gno-verilog-ams
Enable or disable (default) support for Verilog\-AMS.
@@ -506,7 +510,7 @@ Tips on using, debugging, and developing the compiler can be found at
-Copyright \(co 2002\-2009 Stephen Williams
+Copyright \(co 2002\-2011 Stephen Williams
This document can be freely redistributed according to the terms of the
GNU General Public License version 2.0
10 driver/main.c
@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ const char NOTICE[] =
const char HELP[] =
"Usage: iverilog [-ESvV] [-B base] [-c cmdfile|-f cmdfile]\n"
-" [-g1995|-g2001|-g2005|-g2009] [-g<feature>]\n"
+" [-g1995|-g2001|-g2005|-g2005-sv|-g2009] [-g<feature>]\n"
" [-D macro[=defn]] [-I includedir]\n"
" [-M [mode=]depfile] [-m module]\n"
" [-N file] [-o filename] [-p flag=value]\n"
@@ -621,6 +621,9 @@ int process_generation(const char*name)
else if (strcmp(name,"2005") == 0)
generation = "2005";
+ else if (strcmp(name,"2005-sv") == 0)
+ generation = "2005-sv";
else if (strcmp(name,"2009") == 0)
generation = "2009";
@@ -997,7 +1000,7 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
if (version_flag || verbose_flag) {
printf("Icarus Verilog version " VERSION " (" VERSION_TAG ")\n\n");
- printf("Copyright 1998-2010 Stephen Williams\n\n");
+ printf("Copyright 1998-2011 Stephen Williams\n\n");
@@ -1040,7 +1043,8 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
/* If verilog-2009 (SystemVerilog) is enabled, then include the
v2009 module. */
- if (strcmp(generation, "2009") == 0) {
+ if (strcmp(generation, "2005-sv") == 0 ||
+ strcmp(generation, "2009") == 0) {
fprintf(iconfig_file, "sys_func:%s%cv2009.sft\n", base, sep);
fprintf(iconfig_file, "module:v2009\n");
11 lexor.lex
@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@
- * Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Stephen Williams (
+ * Copyright (c) 1998-2011 Stephen Williams (
* This source code is free software; you can redistribute it
* and/or modify it in source code form under the terms of the GNU
@@ -336,7 +336,7 @@ TU [munpf]
/* This rule handles scaled time values for SystemVerilog. */
[0-9][0-9_]*(\.[0-9][0-9_]*)?{TU}?s {
- if(generation_flag & GN_VER2009) {
+ if(generation_flag & (GN_VER2005_SV | GN_VER2009)) {
yylval.text = strdupnew(yytext);
} else REJECT; }
@@ -496,11 +496,18 @@ TU [munpf]
+ } else if (strcmp(word,"1800-2005") == 0) {
+ lexor_keyword_mask = GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995
+ |GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001
+ |GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2005
+ |GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005;
} else if (strcmp(word,"1800-2009") == 0) {
lexor_keyword_mask = GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995
+ |GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005
} else if (strcmp(word,"VAMS-2.3") == 0) {
lexor_keyword_mask = GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995
223 lexor_keyword.gperf
@@ -21,66 +21,68 @@ above, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_above
abs, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_abs
absdelay, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_absdelay
abstol, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_abstol
+accept_on, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_accept_on
access, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_access
acos, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_acos
acosh, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_acosh
ac_stim, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_ac_stim
-alias, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_alias
+alias, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_alias
aliasparam, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_aliasparam
always, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_always
-always_comb, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_always_comb
-always_ff, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_always_ff
-always_latch, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_always_latch
+always_comb, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_always_comb
+always_ff, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_always_ff
+always_latch, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_always_latch
analog, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_analog
analysis, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_analysis
and, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_and
asin, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_asin
asinh, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_asinh
-# This is defined by both SystemVerilog 1800-2009 and Verilog-AMS 2.3
-assert, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009|GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_assert
+# This is defined by both SystemVerilog 1800-2005 and Verilog-AMS 2.3
+assert, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005|GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_assert
assign, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_assign
-assume, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_assume
+assume, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_assume
atan, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_atan
atan2, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_atan2
atanh, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_atanh
automatic, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001, K_automatic
-before, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_before
+before, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_before
begin, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_begin
-bind, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_bind
-bins, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_bins
-binsof, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_binsof
-bit, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_bit
+bind, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_bind
+bins, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_bins
+binsof, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_binsof
+bit, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_bit
branch, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_branch
-break, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_break
+break, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_break
buf, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_buf
bufif0, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_bufif0
bufif1, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_bufif1
-byte, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_byte
+byte, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_byte
case, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_case
casex, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_casex
casez, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_casez
ceil, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_ceil
cell, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001_CONFIG, K_cell
-chandle, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_chandle
-class, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_class
-clocking, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_clocking
+chandle, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_chandle
+checker, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_checker
+class, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_class
+clocking, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_clocking
cmos, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_cmos
config, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001_CONFIG, K_config
connect, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_connect
connectmodule, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_connectmodule
connectrules, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_connectrules
-const, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_const
-constraint, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_constraint
-context, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_context
-continue, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_continue
+const, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_const
+constraint, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_constraint
+context, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_context
+continue, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_continue
continuous, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_continuous
cos, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_cos
cosh, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_cosh
-cover, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_cover
-covergroup, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_covergroup
-coverpoint, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_coverpoint
-cross, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_cross
+cover, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_cover
+covergroup, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_covergroup
+coverpoint, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_coverpoint
+cross, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_cross
ddt, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_ddt
ddt_nature, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_ddt_nature
ddx, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_ddx
@@ -91,58 +93,61 @@ design, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001_CONFIG, K_design
disable, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_disable
discipline, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_discipline
discrete, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_discrete
-dist, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_dist
-do, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_do
+dist, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_dist
+do, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_do
domain, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_domain
driver_update, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_driver_update
edge, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_edge
else, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_else
end, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_end
endcase, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_endcase
+endchecker, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_endchecker
endconfig, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001_CONFIG, K_endconfig
-endclass, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_endclass
-endclocking, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_endclocking
+endclass, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_endclass
+endclocking, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_endclocking
endconnectrules, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_endconnectrules
enddiscipline, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_enddiscipline
endfunction, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_endfunction
endgenerate, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001, K_endgenerate
-endgroup, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_endgroup
-endinterface, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_endinterface
+endgroup, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_endgroup
+endinterface, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_endinterface
endmodule, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_endmodule
endnature, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_endnature
-endpackage, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_endpackage
+endpackage, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_endpackage
endparamset, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_endparamset
endprimitive, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_endprimitive
-endprogram, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_endprogram
-endproperty, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_endproperty
+endprogram, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_endprogram
+endproperty, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_endproperty
endspecify, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_endspecify
-endsequence, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_endsequence
+endsequence, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_endsequence
endtable, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_endtable
endtask, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_endtask
-enum, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_enum
+enum, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_enum
event, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_event
+eventually, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_eventually
exclude, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_exclude
exp, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_exp
-expect, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_expect
-export, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_export
-extends, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_extends
-extern, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_extern
-final, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_final
+expect, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_expect
+export, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_export
+extends, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_extends
+extern, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_extern
+final, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_final
final_step, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_final_step
-first_match, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_first_match
+first_match, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_first_match
flicker_noise, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_flicker_noise
floor, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_floor
flow, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_flow
for, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_for
-foreach, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_foreach
+foreach, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_foreach
force, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_force
forever, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_forever
fork, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_fork
-forkjoin, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_forkjoin
+forkjoin, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_forkjoin
from, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_from
function, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_function
generate, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001, K_generate
genvar, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001, K_genvar
+global, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_global
ground, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_ground
highz0, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_highz0
highz1, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_highz1
@@ -151,139 +156,152 @@ idt, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_idt
idtmod, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_idtmod
idt_nature, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_idt_nature
if, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_if
-iff, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_iff
+iff, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_iff
ifnone, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_ifnone
-ignore_bins, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_ignore_bins
-illegal_bins, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_illegal_bins
-import, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_import
+ignore_bins, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_ignore_bins
+illegal_bins, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_illegal_bins
+implies, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_implies
+import, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_import
incdir, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001_CONFIG, K_incdir
include, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001_CONFIG, K_include
inf, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_inf
initial, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_initial
initial_step, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_initial_step
inout, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_inout
input, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_input
-inside, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_inside
+inside, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_inside
instance, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001_CONFIG, K_instance
-int, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_int
+int, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_int
integer, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_integer
-interface, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_interface
-intersect, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_intersect
+interface, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_interface
+intersect, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_intersect
join, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_join
-join_any, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_join_any
-join_none, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_join_none
+join_any, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_join_any
+join_none, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_join_none
laplace_nd, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_laplace_nd
laplace_np, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_laplace_np
laplace_zd, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_laplace_zd
laplace_zp, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_laplace_zp
large, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_large
last_crossing, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_last_crossing
+let, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_let
liblist, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001_CONFIG, K_liblist
library, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001_CONFIG, K_library
limexp, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_limexp
ln, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_ln
-local, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_local
+local, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_local
localparam, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001, K_localparam
log, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_log
-# This is defined by SystemVerilog 1800-2009 and as an Icarus extension.
-logic, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009|GN_KEYWORDS_ICARUS, K_logic
-longint, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_longint
+# This is defined by SystemVerilog 1800-2005 and as an Icarus extension.
+logic, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005|GN_KEYWORDS_ICARUS, K_logic
+longint, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_longint
macromodule, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_macromodule
-matches, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_matches
+matches, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_matches
max, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_max
medium, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_medium
merged, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_merged
min, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_min
-modport, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_modport
+modport, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_modport
module, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_module
nand, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_nand
nature, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_nature
negedge, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_negedge
net_resolution, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_net_resolution
-new, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_new
+new, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_new
+nexttime, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_nexttime
nmos, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_nmos
noise_table, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_noise_table
nor, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_nor
noshowcancelled, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001, K_noshowcancelled
not, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_not
notif0, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_notif0
notif1, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_notif1
-null, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_null
+null, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_null
or, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_or
output, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_output
-package, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_package
-packed, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_packed
+package, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_package
+packed, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_packed
parameter, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_parameter
paramset, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_paramset
pmos, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_pmos
posedge, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_posedge
potential, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_potential
pow, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_pow
primitive, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_primitive
-priority, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_priority
-program, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_program
-property, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_property
-protected, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_protected
+priority, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_priority
+program, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_program
+property, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_property
+protected, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_protected
pull0, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_pull0
pull1, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_pull1
pulldown, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_pulldown
pullup, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_pullup
pulsestyle_onevent, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001, K_pulsestyle_onevent
pulsestyle_ondetect, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001, K_pulsestyle_ondetect
-pure, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_pure
-rand, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_rand
-randc, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_randc
-randcase, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_randcase
-randsequence, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_randsequence
+pure, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_pure
+rand, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_rand
+randc, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_randc
+randcase, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_randcase
+randsequence, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_randsequence
rcmos, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_rcmos
real, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_real
realtime, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_realtime
-ref, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_ref
+ref, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_ref
reg, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_reg
+reject_on, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_reject_on
release, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_release
repeat, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_repeat
resolveto, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_resolveto
-return, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_return
+restrict, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_restrict
+return, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_return
rnmos, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_rnmos
rpmos, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_rpmos
rtran, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_rtran
rtranif0, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_rtranif0
rtranif1, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_rtranif1
+s_always, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_s_always
+s_eventually, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_s_eventually
+s_nexttime, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_s_nexttime
+s_until, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_s_until
+s_until_with, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_s_until_with
scalared, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_scalared
-sequence, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_sequence
-shortint, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_shortint
-shortreal, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_shortreal
+sequence, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_sequence
+shortint, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_shortint
+shortreal, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_shortreal
showcancelled, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001, K_showcancelled
signed, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001, K_signed
sin, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_sin
sinh, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_sinh
slew, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_slew
small, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_small
-solve, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_solve
+solve, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_solve
specify, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_specify
specparam, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_specparam
split, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_split
sqrt, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_sqrt
-static, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_static
-# This is defined by both SystemVerilog 1800-2009 and Verilog-AMS 2.3
-string, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009|GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_string
+static, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_static
+# This is defined by both SystemVerilog 1800-2005 and Verilog-AMS 2.3
+string, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005|GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_string
+strong, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_strong
strong0, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_strong0
strong1, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_strong1
-struct, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_struct
-super, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_super
+struct, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_struct
+super, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_super
supply0, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_supply0
supply1, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_supply1
+sync_accept_on, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_sync_accept_on
+sync_reject_on, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_sync_reject_on
table, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_table
-tagged, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_tagged
+tagged, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_tagged
tan, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_tan
tanh, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_tanh
task, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_task
-this, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_this
-throughout, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_throughout
+this, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_this
+throughout, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_throughout
time, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_time
-timeprecision, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_timeprecision
+timeprecision, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_timeprecision
timer, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_timer
-timeunit, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_timeunit
+timeunit, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_timeunit
tran, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_tran
tranif0, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_tranif0
tranif1, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_tranif1
@@ -294,30 +312,35 @@ tri1, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_tri1
triand, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_triand
trior, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_trior
trireg, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_trireg
-type, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_type
-typedef, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_typedef
-union, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_union
-unique, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_unique
+type, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_type
+typedef, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_typedef
+union, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_union
+unique, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_unique
+unique0, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_unique
units, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_units
# Reserved for future use!
unsigned, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001, K_unsigned
+until, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_until
+until_with, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_until_with
+untyped, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_untyped
use, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2001_CONFIG, K_use
uwire, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2005, K_uwire
-var, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_var
+var, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_var
vectored, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_vectored
-virtual, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_virtual
-void, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_void
+virtual, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_virtual
+void, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_void
wait, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_wait
-wait_order, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_wait_order
+wait_order, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_wait_order
wand, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_wand
+weak, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_weak
weak0, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_weak0
weak1, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_weak1
while, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_while
white_noise, GN_KEYWORDS_VAMS_2_3, K_white_noise
-wildcard, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_wildcard
+wildcard, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_wildcard
wire, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_wire
-with, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_with
-within, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009, K_within
+with, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_with
+within, GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005, K_within
# This is the name originally proposed for uwire and is deprecated!
wone, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2005, K_wone
wor, GN_KEYWORDS_1364_1995, K_wor
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
const char COPYRIGHT[] =
- "Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Stephen Williams (";
+ "Copyright (c) 1998-2011 Stephen Williams (";
* This source code is free software; you can redistribute it
@@ -256,6 +256,9 @@ static void process_generation_flag(const char*gen)
} else if (strcmp(gen,"2005") == 0) {
generation_flag = GN_VER2005;
+ } else if (strcmp(gen,"2005-sv") == 0) {
+ generation_flag = GN_VER2005_SV;
} else if (strcmp(gen,"2009") == 0) {
generation_flag = GN_VER2009;
@@ -868,6 +871,8 @@ int main(int argc, char*argv[])
switch (generation_flag) {
case GN_VER2009:
lexor_keyword_mask |= GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2009;
+ case GN_VER2005_SV:
+ lexor_keyword_mask |= GN_KEYWORDS_1800_2005;
case GN_VER2005:
lexor_keyword_mask |= GN_KEYWORDS_1364_2005;
case GN_VER2001:
@@ -902,6 +907,9 @@ int main(int argc, char*argv[])
case GN_VER2005:
cout << "IEEE1364-2005";
+ case GN_VER2005_SV:
+ cout << "IEEE1800-2005";
+ break;
case GN_VER2009:
cout << "IEEE1800-2009";
@@ -1024,7 +1032,7 @@ int main(int argc, char*argv[])
/* Decide if we are going to allow system functions to be called
* as tasks. */
- if (generation_flag >= GN_VER2009) {
+ if (generation_flag >= GN_VER2005_SV) {
def_sfunc_as_task = IVL_SFUNC_AS_TASK_WARNING;
10 parse.y
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
- * Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Stephen Williams (
+ * Copyright (c) 1998-2011 Stephen Williams (
* This source code is free software; you can redistribute it
* and/or modify it in source code form under the terms of the GNU
@@ -341,7 +341,7 @@ static list<named_pexpr_t>* make_named_number(perm_string name, PExpr*val =0)
/* The new tokens from 1364-2005. */
%token K_wone K_uwire
- /* The new tokens from 1800-2009. */
+ /* The new tokens from 1800-2005. */
%token K_alias K_always_comb K_always_ff K_always_latch K_assert
%token K_assume K_before K_bind K_bins K_binsof K_bit K_break K_byte
%token K_chandle K_class K_clocking K_const K_constraint K_context
@@ -362,6 +362,12 @@ static list<named_pexpr_t>* make_named_number(perm_string name, PExpr*val =0)
/* Fake tokens that are passed once we have an initial token. */
%token K_timeprecision_check K_timeunit_check
+ /* The new tokens from 1800-2009. */
+%token K_accept_on K_checker K_endchecker K_eventually K_global K_implies
+%token K_let K_nexttime K_reject_on K_restrict K_s_always K_s_eventually
+%token K_s_nexttime K_s_until K_s_until_with K_strong K_sync_accept_on
+%token K_sync_reject_on K_unique0 K_until K_until_with K_untyped K_weak
/* The new tokens for Verilog-AMS 2.3. */
%token K_above K_abs K_absdelay K_abstol K_access K_acos K_acosh
/* 1800-2005 has defined "assert" above! */
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
- * Copyright (c) 1998-2010 Stephen Williams (
+ * Copyright (c) 1998-2011 Stephen Williams (
* This source code is free software; you can redistribute it
* and/or modify it in source code form under the terms of the GNU
@@ -737,8 +737,8 @@ void pform_startmodule(const char*name, const char*file, unsigned lineno,
void pform_check_timeunit_prec()
- if ((generation_flag & GN_VER2009) && (pform_cur_module->time_unit <
- pform_cur_module->time_precision)) {
+ if ((generation_flag & (GN_VER2005_SV | GN_VER2009)) &&
+ (pform_cur_module->time_unit < pform_cur_module->time_precision)) {
VLerror("error: a timeprecision is missing or is too "
} else assert(pform_cur_module->time_unit >=

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