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                LUNAR LANDER

Developed by Nick Gasson <>.

This code is distributed under the GNU General Public license. See the file
COPYING for more details.



Left arrow   - Turn left
Right arrow  - Turn right
Up arrow     - Thrust
P            - Pause
PrintScreen  - Take a screenshot
Esc          - Quit / exit to menu
Enter        - Select option

You can also use a joystick, if you have one.



See the file for INSTALL for Unix installation instructions.

There is an (out-of-date) XCode project in Lander.xcodeproj. This may need some
work before it will build. On the other hand, the instructions in INSTALL should
work on OS X, and since you have the source code already... ;-)

Windows users should probably download the pre-built binary. If you want to
compile it yourself there is a Visual Studio 2003 project in
msvc/Lander. You'll need the development versions of FreeType, SDL, SDL_Mixer,
and SDL_Image.



On Windows after changing the resolution or toggling full-screen mode all images
appear as white boxes. The workaround is to restart the program.

On Ubuntu there is a problem with SDL Mixer that will cause high audio latency.
Apparently this is a problem with Pulse Audio.  ** UPDATE ** In version 0.5.1 this
should be largely mitigated. Please let me know if you have further problems.
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