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Feb 23, 2014
Nick Gasson Cosmetic tidy up 4cad4f7
Nick Gasson Fix a bug with OPENs in port maps 895da2d
Nick Gasson Late detection of duplicate case statement choice 5e2b525
Nick Gasson Small optimisation to _vec_load 574e631
Feb 24, 2014
KIMURA Masaru hiyuh Update for minor version.
Current ISE DS is 14.7.
KIMURA Masaru hiyuh Support unisim build on cygwin. 19d1502
Nick Gasson Merge pull request #44 from hiyuh/unisim
Support unisim build on cygwin
Nick Gasson Tweak search path generation in build-xilinx.rb e246f3c
Feb 25, 2014
KIMURA Masaru hiyuh Build IEEE.MATH_COMPLEX. 05386ca
KIMURA Masaru hiyuh Remap WORK to IEEE. 66a4f8e
Feb 26, 2014
Nick Gasson Mixed integer/real universal expressions. Issue #46 b7dc9bc
Nick Gasson Allow non-constant record aggregates f43c331
Nick Gasson Fix record and array comparison with real values a3d8d3f
Nick Gasson Merge pull request #48 from hiyuh/complex
(incomplete) support for IEEE.MATH_COMPLEX
Nick Gasson Revert "Remap WORK to IEEE."
This reverts commit 66a4f8e.
Nick Gasson Always allow "work" as an alias for the work library 7718280
Feb 28, 2014
KIMURA Masaru hiyuh Add NVC_FOREIGN_OBJS for issue #51. 645d2ed
KIMURA Masaru hiyuh Use OBJ, not OBJS.
This is additional commit for issue #51.
NVC source already have LLVM_LLC_HAS_OBJ, so be consistently.
Nick Gasson Fix clang warning about enumeration types e0e8d46
Nick Gasson Move aliased library name handling into lib.c b7a85c4
Nick Gasson Merge remote-tracking branch 'hiyuh/foreign' c486558
Nick Gasson Allow type conversions in sem_check e7d5bf2
Mar 01, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix regression in test_lib 61809fd
Nick Gasson Fix MATH.COMPLEX link errors on Windows 5a04321
Nick Gasson Fix crash trying to constant fold boolean. Issue #49 cd28fa4
Mar 02, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix infinite recursion in sem_locally_static. Issue #52 214d241
Nick Gasson Allow 'INSTANCE_NAME for processes and blocks. Issue #45 86d8e6d
Nick Gasson Allow references as range expressions. Issue #47 c3a16be
Mar 05, 2014
Nick Gasson Allow underscores in library name 6fb5d7b
Nick Gasson Fix crash with NULL type passed to type_eq 91bde4c
Nick Gasson Fix error resolving overloaded functions 33e999f
Mar 07, 2014
Nick Gasson Make *_decl_part rules left-recursive. Issue #55 e70b97f
Mar 10, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix spurious error analysing Altera model f89cfa4
Nick Gasson Fix infinite recursion in sem_globally_static. Issue #58 e1d8f39
Nick Gasson Rules for record sub-elements in sem_globally_static fb718ed
Mar 14, 2014
Nick Gasson Start modifying rules for aggregate bounds. Issue #54 26779d6
Nick Gasson Add min/max builtins to use instead of agg_low/high 20c6a86
Nick Gasson Use min/max builtins for unconstrained aggregate bounds cec17a8
Nick Gasson Remove old agg_low/high builtins 2970e03
Nick Gasson Make sem_add_param a global common function 268688f
Mar 15, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix test case regressions e15ae7e
Nick Gasson Fix link error with deferred constants. Issue #57 4c81384
Nick Gasson Fix bug where component declaration could hide entity c3ec839
Nick Gasson Add script to build Altera simulation libraries 641a4b1
Nick Gasson Use typedefs consistently in sem.c c9b714f
Nick Gasson Start checking for binding indication a78ad8a
Nick Gasson Missing some calls to scope_run_deferred_checks 130e42c
Nick Gasson Need to call scope_run_deferred_checks even after errors c34b513
Nick Gasson Make run_vests.rb output a bit less verbose a833890
Nick Gasson Increase MAX_OVERLOADS to 256 eaf06f6
Nick Gasson Remove the work directory before each test in run_vests.rb 98a6662
Nick Gasson Time literals are globally static e859cd8
Nick Gasson Pass foreign option to automake b56d373
Nick Gasson Convert README to markdown b6b1894
Nick Gasson Expand 4feda7f
Nick Gasson Typo in AUTHORS bd959c0
Nick Gasson Smaller headings 9c62044
Nick Gasson Even smaller headings 4974d49
Nick Gasson README updates aac7b87
Mar 16, 2014
Nick Gasson Sync FST code to GtkWave SVN r1028 01e47e5
Nick Gasson More README tweaks 75210e9
Nick Gasson README formatting 28a8c26
Nick Gasson Merge branch 'readme' fe97635
Nick Gasson Character ! can be used instead of | d2d5e41
Nick Gasson Character : can be used instead of # in based literals fdad9cc
Nick Gasson Fix result type of 'LEFT 84538a5
Nick Gasson Fix ordering problem when checking physical types 68e5e90
Nick Gasson Fix bug with multidimensional arrays with different index types 38ae101
Nick Gasson Remove some uarray_* builtins that are no longer used ee0bb25
Nick Gasson Declare 'ASCENDING using sem_add_dimension_attr mechanism d0af394
Nick Gasson Make ports visible in entity statement part. Issue #53 2ff387f
Mar 18, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix bug in parsing indexed name prefix 13ec8c9
Nick Gasson Fix bounds of 'IMAGE result bfc3370
Nick Gasson Evaluate assertion message after condition 1f22866
Nick Gasson Allow top-level ports and generics with default values 20e0483
Mar 22, 2014
Nick Gasson Sync FST code to GtkWave SVN r1030 024526c
Nick Gasson Improve checking for library clause a238138
Nick Gasson Rename T_CONTEXT to T_USE a9e3ec7
Nick Gasson Variable name typos bc56ef3
Nick Gasson Fix inconsistent behaviour with hiding of implicit functions e2356da
Nick Gasson Fix link error from entity statement part. Issue #53 62bebf6
Nick Gasson Force code generation for packages with non-literal constants. Issue #59 ffb95fc
Mar 25, 2014
Nick Gasson Tweak to order concatenation arguments are checked. Issue #61 6f03821
Nick Gasson Quick hack to reduce LLVM constant duplication 682e64a
Nick Gasson Add a function to remove attributes from trees 36bc3db
Mar 27, 2014
Nick Gasson Make all overloads visible in use clause. Issue #62 a537a83
Nick Gasson Fix comment typo 112f802
Apr 03, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix use clause ordering bug. Issue #63 cf0ac35
Apr 06, 2014
Nick Gasson Support simple cases of type conversion in port maps. Issue #60 80739a2
Apr 11, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix a couple of bugs waiting on record sub-elements 6a0dfc0
Apr 12, 2014
Nick Gasson Handle use clauses like "use work.all" in linker. Issue #63 e213850
Nick Gasson Add new _alloc_driver support function deaa276
Nick Gasson Driver extraction for array references 0fddd13
Nick Gasson Driver extraction for procedure calls 8158053
Nick Gasson Driver extraction for array slices 671d8c5
Nick Gasson More efficient method to detect process drives all of a signal cff6c44
Nick Gasson Driver extraction for aggregate targets 1e6c5ac
Nick Gasson Fix invalid LLVM with alias drivers 2d53bdf
Nick Gasson Simplify handling of slices in cgen_driver_nets e96ca5e
Nick Gasson Skip bounds checks during driver allocation dafd6eb
Nick Gasson Fix crash in cgen_driver_nets for open ports 98c5852
Nick Gasson Driver extraction for record references 836fa43
Nick Gasson Move driver allocation to _alloc_driver 8779ba2
Nick Gasson Pass initial value to _alloc_driver b7d27cb
Nick Gasson Implement initial call to resolution function 6cdac0a
Nick Gasson Fix report output from initialisation resolution function call e99740d
Nick Gasson Avoid loop in rt_sched_driver in typical case 0828e4a
Apr 20, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix assertion failure in scope_insert_hiding 5ef970a
Apr 22, 2014
Nick Gasson Check map formals using sem_check 13b7865
Nick Gasson Tweak to error message text 03443b1
Nick Gasson Remove redundant code from sem_check_map 31efec1
Nick Gasson Tweaks to allow checking of output conversion dd1c935
Apr 23, 2014
Nick Gasson Checking for output conversion in port maps d67b855
Nick Gasson Tweak to run_vests.rb output f58d1c4
Nick Gasson Fix conversion functions for inout ports bb52442
Nick Gasson Slightly simplify some code in sem_check_map 1541bea
Apr 26, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix crash opening a file inside a procedure 3d667e6
Nick Gasson Use typedefs in ident.c 24b02f4
Nick Gasson Some performance improvements to ident code 172a870
Apr 27, 2014
Nick Gasson Allow attributes of record fields 0903336
May 06, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix crash bounds checking record subtypes 8f9ec71
May 07, 2014
Nick Gasson Check aggregate signal assignment elements are locally static names 87c5fae
May 08, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix typo in sem_check_signal_target 722ea5f
May 17, 2014
Nick Gasson Do not build ident_perf by default 53f5813
Nick Gasson Initial preparation for making imask_t 64-bit 7d13019
Nick Gasson Make imask_t 64-bit fda6bb9
Nick Gasson Add a ONE_HOT macro aebbb8a
Nick Gasson Types now use the same 64-bit item map as trees a52426f
Nick Gasson Check if an instance is bound multiple times 01b50f8
Nick Gasson Check unit in binding specification actually exists d1d2b9c
Nick Gasson Check "all" and "others" in configuration specification 73f7f5a
Nick Gasson Fix some crashes with enumeration subtypes 315b3ea
Nick Gasson Fix code generation crash with nested records 8adfefb
Nick Gasson Fix typo in simp_call_args 1cde56d
Nick Gasson Improve run_vests.rb output when nvc aborts 8f9d984
May 18, 2014
Nick Gasson Make type_replace more generic cd054f5
Nick Gasson Fix crash when using "open" in configuration specification 5a9cfe0
Nick Gasson Use GCC __attribute__((cleanup)) extension to simplify text buffers 2eaf8e8
Nick Gasson Remove all references to static_printf c9a1b22
Nick Gasson Remove some unused code from type_ident 6e28656
Nick Gasson Remove arbitrary limit on number of subprogram overloads 912d214
Nick Gasson Run tree_gc on exit if is_debugger_running aff3369
May 26, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix handling of escapes in paginate_msg 7d8d02c
Jun 08, 2014
Nick Gasson Overwrite superseded units in the library cache 787c104
Nick Gasson Consistent use of typedefs in lib.c 7dddf94
Nick Gasson Start writing a recursive descent parser to replace Bison 36a8df6
Nick Gasson Parser updates 8762e7c
Nick Gasson Finish entity parsing f51815b
Nick Gasson Parsing architectures and processes a017e36
Nick Gasson Parsing more complex names 004a9a4
Nick Gasson Parse basic sequential statements b1284f9
Nick Gasson Recursive descent parser improvements 7a8b638
Nick Gasson Parsing type and subtype declarations fead65b
Nick Gasson Look ahead improvements 6bc8be4
Nick Gasson Parse file declarations 119633d
Nick Gasson Parse record types 5f76587
Nick Gasson Parse file declarations 565f5a1
Nick Gasson Fix bug in range parsing 7fd70c8
Nick Gasson Parsing constant declarations 0c6bed3
Nick Gasson Parse package declarations 0107575
Nick Gasson Parse subprogram specification 976409e
Nick Gasson Parsing for context clauses e73d371
Nick Gasson Allow selected name in type mark 5759173
Nick Gasson Parsing package bodies 0f8ab9a
Nick Gasson Parsing enumeration literals b2f7034
Nick Gasson Parsing qualified expressions 512495d
Nick Gasson Parse array declarations 50329ce
Nick Gasson Parse choices in aggregates 6413b19
Nick Gasson Make look_for take a parameter struct 1b0a4bd
Nick Gasson Improve parsing of names 61ce037
Nick Gasson Parse instantiation statements b83d257
Nick Gasson Parse certain concurrent statements aa59805
Jun 13, 2014
Nick Gasson Allow concurrent assertion in architecture body 2f3b852
Nick Gasson Reorder parse functions 48472fa
Nick Gasson Improvement to parser error messages 80d4469
Nick Gasson Parsing alias declarations 6a367f6
Nick Gasson Tweak to attribute parsing d5722c6
Nick Gasson Parse procedures 86277f3
Nick Gasson Parse concatenation 7b72d81
Nick Gasson Parsing blocks and bit strings 4217c78
Nick Gasson Parse component declarations 0e0276e
Nick Gasson Fix a few parser bugs uncovered by make bootstrap 2efa2be
Nick Gasson Parse generate statements 7d1a0b4
Jun 14, 2014
Nick Gasson Parse "all" in selected name 3f2556b
Nick Gasson Parse allocator expressions 808f776
Nick Gasson Parse configuration specifications 6918fba
Nick Gasson Fix some more parser bugs 2a75d86
Nick Gasson Fix bug parsing array slices 61d0aa2
Nick Gasson Fix bugs in parsing subprogram declarative item 9b96ff5
Nick Gasson Add test of parser locations 1b95317
Nick Gasson Fix bug parsing attribute references b36d62d
Nick Gasson Fix for 1993 standard not allowing attributes in package body 76286e0
Nick Gasson Allow named parameters in function call 7d3731e
Nick Gasson Fix factor parsing 8d9cba0
Nick Gasson Fix parsing of record references c40c5f6
Nick Gasson Fix some more parser bugs 93d6d23
Nick Gasson Allow aggregate as target of concurrent signal assignment a5d0c19
Nick Gasson Fix bug parsing instantiation statements 4c77718
Nick Gasson Parsing shift expressions 8ebb080
Nick Gasson Allow use clause in subprogram body 397d030
Nick Gasson Fix bug parsing generate statements f9dd34a
Nick Gasson Allow operator symbol in selected name 9b799ca
Nick Gasson Fix range parsing bugs 9c083c5
Nick Gasson Fix test_sem regressions 3510646
Nick Gasson Fix some more test regressions 7511073
Nick Gasson Fix bug parsing aggregates with range choices 9663c5c
Nick Gasson Fix handling of reverse ranges c7a9d1b
Nick Gasson Fix tree generation for file declarations adbbd8a
Nick Gasson Final regression test fixes 6141a34
Nick Gasson Avoid look ahead warning when parsing VITAL libraries a7882ac
Nick Gasson Add lib/ back to toplevel SUBDIRS 15ad9de
Nick Gasson Free token queue before starting a parse b8948f9
Nick Gasson Allow architecture in p_entity_class 526af8a
Nick Gasson Fix bug parsing case choices 6c14e07
Nick Gasson Add test for bit string errors 3024534
Nick Gasson Replace assertion with error message f145bfa
Nick Gasson Only clean up token queue when switching input files 34b8d86
Jun 17, 2014
Nick Gasson Basic parser error recovery 81202ae
Jun 18, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix Clang warnings 5c81ef9
Nick Gasson Ensure colour strings in messages are properly escaped e849bd2
Jun 19, 2014
Nick Gasson Fixes crash when reading output in some cases 9be6d4d
Jun 20, 2014
Nick Gasson Remove old Bison parser 1abae76
Jun 22, 2014
Nick Gasson Allow attribute specifications for types 7fd6490
Nick Gasson Allow arrays as attribute type d35d8cc
Nick Gasson Improve error message when indexing non-array 7a586bf
Nick Gasson Fix crash with out of bounds array attribute reference 1c68e6b
Nick Gasson Fix parsing of concurrent procedure call with no arguments a5c7987
Jun 24, 2014
Nick Gasson Improve performance of lookup_item slightly a58761d
Nick Gasson Store predefined operators with type declaration 739d89b
Jun 26, 2014
Nick Gasson Allow forward declaration of physical types 3d74273
Jun 27, 2014
Nick Gasson Update Debian dependencies in 96869e6
Jun 28, 2014
Nick Gasson Add definitions for implicit signal attributes 7b66b79
Nick Gasson Implement 'DELAYED implicit signal 0c85167
Jul 02, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix for llvm-config including system libraries in --ldflags output. I…
…ssue #65
Nick Gasson On Ubuntu we need to pass LLVM system libs when using shared library.…
… Issue #65
Nick Gasson Missing libbz2-dev from Debian/Ubuntu dependencies. Issue #65 62f93fd
Jul 05, 2014
Nick Gasson Implement 'TRANSACTION implicit signal bae582f
Jul 08, 2014
Nick Gasson Predefined READ procedure for constrained arrays 9d32865
Nick Gasson Function not_at_token is redundant 411c2bf
Nick Gasson Rewrite peek() and peek_nth(1) 5279559
Jul 09, 2014
Nick Gasson Use a ring buffer instead of a linked list for tokenq cf3263e
Jul 11, 2014
Nick Gasson Fix a crash with aggregates containing range and named choice 1c2ce6b
Jul 12, 2014
Nick Gasson Reduce code duplication in scalar case statements e1d1ed8
Nick Gasson Fix incorrect LLVM type for integer constants in case branches f04f4ce
Nick Gasson Add bounds check to scalar case statement ee9f2c3
Nick Gasson Convert only the library name to lower case in paths. Issue #66 1e201e2
Nick Gasson Fix crash when function call has only default arguments e58823c
Nick Gasson Fix unintended else-if with no effect 556997b
Nick Gasson LLVM 3.4 does not mangle symbol names anymore. Issue #67 0aebae4
Nick Gasson Fix a typo in ax_llvm_c.m4 0547aa7