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disconnect/connect/reconnect ui weirdness
sonata freezes with gail/accessibility enabled during new library searching
translations - bold, commas for arabic (ahmad farghal email)
#3992: enabling/disabling outputs
#4370: number in playlist
contextual statusbar depending on tab opened? (michael email)
save to playlist.. default to selected files? pref?
tag editing - support for composer, disc
song queue (mpd-git will be bringing it back)
search results - show albums, artists, genres that match
right-click on tab bar (michael email)
0.15 has input support for radio
remove libegg? statusicon provides everything in gtk 2.16, not yet in pygtk
albumartist tag for, e.g., VA albums; composer for classical
plugin support
- single instance, mmkeys (could remove dbus; faster on startup, less memory)
- artwork
- lyrics
- system tray
- audioscrobbler
- popup notification
- tag editing
- #2419 dynamic playlist (patch)
- #2454 Add as Next Track (patch)
- #4007 stop after track ('single' command in 0.15)
- #Zeroconf/avahi (patch)
support for new idle command (waiting on python-mpd)
work with mpd's new "allow authenticated local users to add any local file to the playlist"
- waiting on python-mpd to implement unix socket paths
- dnd from a file manager (implemented and untested because of above)
- new library browsing mode to open any file?
remember: no tags and implications for remote mpd users.
crop songs in current playlist?
mpd statistics
better playlist support (mpd 0.13+ only):
ability to view songs, reorder songs, remove songs, etc
lazy loading of the treeview
extract duplicate code into functions, classes etc.
document interfaces and implementation
- limit module size to 1000 lines
- limit dependencies between modules
- rewrite unpythonic or complicated parts
- fix reasonable pychecker/pylint warnings
- write automated tests
- refactor code into parts that can be tested
use the logging module:
- add verbose and debug logging modes
- log to file if not running on console
- add class restrictions to most "except:" clauses
- add debug logging to most except clauses
- design, document, and implement a bug-free use of threads