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Commits on Sep 21, 2009
  1. @bebarino


    bebarino authored
    This is a bugfix release with patches cherry-picked and backported for
    the pre-plugin framework.
  2. @bebarino

    album-covers: replace with cover fetching

    bebarino authored
    As of August 15th, 2009 requires all requests sent to their
    server to be signed with the private key corresponding to the public key
    being used. Since we're an open source project we cannot do this without
    exposing the private key. Therefore switch to using's
    Backported for 1.6.2
  3. @bebarino

    info: workaround removal of lyricwiki web API

    bebarino authored
    Lyricwiki removed support for the web API to access lyrics. This
    workaround screen scrapes the website instead of using the API.
    Backported from patch by Tuukka Hastrup <>
  4. @bebarino

    info: Fix a bug where songs with no date tag are missing from album

    bebarino authored
    Songs with no date will return the empty string when queried but
    library.library_get_data() will return 'None'. This makes it so the
    default value of date is None for the song.
  5. @bebarino

    info: Sort track listing of an album to fix occasional unorderedness

    bebarino authored
    Tracks weren't being sorted by track number. If on your filesystem you have
    an album with filenames that don't have track numbers in them the album
    listing will be out of order. Fix this by sorting the tracks returned by
  6. @bebarino

    library: Fix a bug where a duplicated album is labeled various artists

    bebarino authored
    When checking for various artists, we don't check the actual artist
    tags. It's possible that a user has two copies of some song, or even an
    entire album, in their music library. In this case we would wrongly
    label the album as various artists.
    Note this doesn't fix listing the songs in the album twice. We believe
    duplicates are an error in the library.
  7. @bebarino

    Preferences: Fix bug where direntry would select the wrong directory

    bebarino authored
    Using set_filename() works when the filechooser selects files, but doesn't
    work so well when selecting folders. Replace this call with
    set_current_folder() and add in sanitize_musicdir() for good measure.
    This bug was introduced with the filechooser button in svn-r1111
  8. @bebarino

    Fix bug where '{' at the end of a format string causes an infinite loop

    bebarino authored
    Use str.partition to find brackets in formatting instead. This loop will
    always terminate because end is guaranteed to equal the empty string
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