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A SWANK server for Chicken Scheme.
for more details.
1) chicken-install fmt symbol-utils apropos chicken-doc
2) Run chicken-install in the directory where you cloned the repository: this
will install the `slime' extension.
3) Add the Chicken extensions directory to your Emacs load-path. Typically this
will be /usr/local/lib/chicken/5/
4) Add the following to your .emacs
(slime-setup '(slime-fancy slime-banner)) ; If you don't use SLIME already
; Refer to the SLIME manual for setup instructions
(autoload 'chicken-slime "chicken-slime" "SWANK backend for Chicken" t)
;; If your csi executable is in a non-standard location
(setq slime-csi-path "/path/to/csi")
;; If you want to specify a port to run SWANK on (default is 4005)
(setq swank-chicken-port 4015)
(add-hook 'scheme-mode-hook
(lambda ()
(slime-mode t)))
5) Start a SLIME REPL with
M-x chicken-slime
Note for the describe and apropos commands to work you must install a
local copy of the Chicken documentation.
If you want to hack on the SWANK server set the following variable:
(setq swank-chicken-path "/path/to/swank-chicken.scm")
This will interpret the code rather than loading the extension. Note
there is currently a bug in the interpreted version which causes a
SEGV when viewing local variables in a call frame.
Report all bugs, etc. to nick AT nickg DOT me DOT uk.