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2017-04-10 Nick Gasson <>
* src/xcowsay.c (main): patch from Tony Finch to make cow
location more random.
2016-09-08 Nick Gasson <>
* updated to GNU gettext 0.19 and removed
generated files from version control.
* src/bubblegen.c (make_dream_bubble): fix warning about
deprecation of `gdk_pixbuf_unref`.
* xcowsay 1.4 released!
2015-05-31 Nick Gasson <>
* src/display_cow.c (close_when_clicked): allow close event to
be specified in settings.
* src/xcowsay.c (main): add --release option to close window on
mouse button release.
2012-11-19 Nick Gasson <>
* src/config_file.c (next_token): allow values with quotes
to be set in the config file.
2011-01-28 Justin Bogner <>
* src/xcowsay.c (main): The reading-speed option requires an
2010-11-11 Nick Gasson <>
* xcowsay 1.3 released!
2010-11-06 Nick Gasson <>
* src/bubblegen.c (bubble_init_left): Fix rendering of
left-handed though bubbles.
* src/bubblegen.c (bubble_content_left): Align left-handed text
content correctly.
* src/xcowsay.c (main): Add -l option as short form of --left.
* xcowsay.6: Document --left option.
* src/xcowsay.c (main): Fix bug with absolute dream image
paths. Use realpath(3) to get canonical path.
2010-10-23 Nick Gasson <>
* src/bubblegen.c (bubble_init): Add a function to generate
left-handed bubbles.
* src/xcowsay.c (main): Add --left option to put bubble on
the left of the cow.
2010-10-02 Nick Gasson <>
* xcowsay.6: Update bugs section: remove note about lack of word
wrapping; add comment that anti-aliasing is unlikely to happen.
2010-09-29 Nick Gasson <>
* src/display_cow.c (normal_setup, display_cow): Calculate
maximum size of bubble to support word wrapping.
* src/bubblegen.c (make_text_bubble): Use Pango to word-wrap
text that is too wide to fit in the bubble.
* src/xcowsay.c (main): Add --no-wrap option to disable word
* xcowsay.6: Document new word wrapping feature.
2010-09-28 Nick Gasson <>
* Place install prefix in config.h rather than on
the command line. This fixes a bug where code would not be
rebuilt if the prefix changed.
2010-08-28 Nick Gasson <>
* Fix bug where --disable-dbus would still define
* src/display_cow.c (normal_setup): time=0 means display
* xcowsay.6: Document new time=0 feature.
2010-04-01 Nick Gasson <>
* src/display_cow.c (display_cow): Use random(3) rather than
2010-01-05 Nick Gasson <>
* xcowsay 1.2 released!
* src/cowsayd.c (cowsay_dream): New DBus method to implement
* src/xcowsay.c (main): Make dream path absolute for daemon and
check file exists before going further.
2010-01-04 Nick Gasson <>
* src/xcowsay.c (main): Add --bubble-at option to change
relative location of speech bubble.
* src/display_cow.c (display_cow): Use bubble_x and bubble_y
config variables to alter relative location of bubble.
* src/config_file.c (parse_config_file): Allow the config file
to be placed in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/xcowsayrc as well as
* src/xcowsay.c (main): Add --config option to specify and
additional config file to parse.
* src/config_file.c (config_file_name): Support parsing the
additional config file.
* src/config_file.c (next_token): Fix parsing config files where
there is no whitespace between tokens.
* src/bubblegen.c (make_text_bubble): Don't print a warning when
we can't parse Pango attributes. This may arise from valid
input e.g. '1 < 0'.
* src/xcowsayd.c (cow_display_thread, wait_for_request)
(enqueue_request): Store the cow mode in request objects inside
the daemon.
(cowsay_think): New DBus method to implement
2010-01-03 Nick Gasson <>
* src/xcowsay.c (main): Add --at option to specify cow location
on screen and correspoding at_x and at_y config variables.
(parse_position_option): New function to parse options specified
as X,Y pairs.
* src/display_cow.c (display_cow): Now recognises the at_x and
at_y config variables to force cow to appear at a particular
2010-01-02 Nick Gasson <>
* src/display_cow.c (display_cow): Fix splicing of cow across
multiple monitors. Now picks a random monitor and then a random
location within that monitor.
* src/xcowsay.c (main): Add --monitor option to specify a
particular montior for the cow to appear on.
2008-06-04 Nick Gasson <>
* src/display_cow.c (display_cow): Fix bug where cow would
appear off the side of the screen and fix a floating point
exception in rare circumstances.
2008-05-23 gettextize <>
* (SUBDIRS): Add po.
(ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable.
(EXTRA_DIST): Add config.rpath, m4/ChangeLog.
* (AC_OUTPUT): Add po/