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Changes since 1.0
- Added a new option --dream which displays an image instead
of text.
- Added a new --think mode which displays a thought bubble
instead of the usual speech bubble
- Added new wrapper scripts xcowdream and xcowthink as
shortcuts for the above.
- Added a new Portuguese translation (courtesy of Vinícius
Moreira de Oliveira)
- Made --disable-dbus the default configure option as not
many people seem to be using the daemon. Hopefully this
will be replaced by the GNOME applet soon anyway.
- Removed the xcowat script as it was pretty useless.
- You can now click on the bubble as well as the cow to close
the window.
- Fixed a bug where the cow could appear off the left edge
of the screen in some circumstances. (Although this will
still occur if the cow and bubble are wider than the screen.)
- Fixed a separate bug where the bubble could appear cut off
at the top of the screen.
- Fixed various bugs with the daemon mode.
- A few other bug fixes ;-)
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