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-- movewindow.lua
Miniwindow drag-to-move functions.
Author: Nick Gammon
Date: 15th July 2009
Modified: 16th November 2010 to add preprocessing
Modified: 29th November 2010 by Fiendish to improve dragging offscreen
This module is intended to make it easier to add drag handlers for miniwindows.
It implements the following:
-- find previous location
nocheck: if true, don't check if offscreen (boolean)
friends: other windows to move with this one (table)
preprocess: preprocessing for mousedown, mouseup etc. (table)
Handler names for preprocess table:
If any preprocess handler returns true (that is, neither nil nor false) then the default handler
in this module is not used. (The miniwindow name is the third argument)
function mousedown (flags, id, win)
if (flags, miniwin.hotspot_got_rh_mouse) then
-- do something different here
return true
end -- if
return false -- take normal movewindow behaviour
end -- mousedown
windowinfo = movewindow.install (win, default_position, default_flags, nocheck, friends, preprocess)
movewindow.add_drag_handler (win, left, top, right, bottom, cursor) -- add a drag handler for the nominated rectangle
movewindow.save_state (win) -- saves the miniwindow location to the appropriate variables
It also installs a position-checker that moves the miniwindow into view after 5 seconds, in case
you resize the main world window, and the window is no longer visible. The 5 seconds are to give
the main world window's position and size time to stabilize. (Unless nocheck is true)
Example of use:
require "movewindow" -- pull in this module
-- CREATE WINDOW in OnPluginInstall
win = GetPluginID () -- miniwindow ID
windowinfo = movewindow.install (win, miniwin.pos_center_right, 0) -- default position / flags
-- make miniwindow (use locations returned from last time we saved the state)
-- note that the width and height are not part of the window position info, and can thus change as required
WindowCreate (win,
ColourNameToRGB "slategray")
-- INSTALL DRAG HANDLER when required (eg. when drawing stuff to window)
-- in this case we use 0,0,0,0 as the rectangle (ie. the whole window)
-- typically the height would be the size of the title bar
movewindow.add_drag_handler (win, 0, 0, 0, 0, miniwin.cursor_both_arrow)
-- SAVE STATE in OnPluginSaveState
movewindow.save_state (win)
The module makes one global variable (table) when installed. This is named:
This contains handler functions (the table is an upvalue to the functions)
"check_map_position"=function: 023D9368 -- the position checker
"dragmove"=function: 01AD1158 -- the dragmove handler
"dragrelease"=function: 023E4238 -- the dragrelease handler
"margin"=20 -- margin for dragging offscreen
"mousedown"=function: 01AD1108 -- the mousedown handler
"origx"=648 -- used during dragging
"win"="23c3c91af0a26790c625f5d1" -- the supplied window ID
"window_flags"=2 -- flags (eg. 2, absolute position)
"window_left"=652 -- current left location
"window_mode"=0 -- window mode
"window_top"=31 -- current top location
This table is returned from movewindow.install so you can find where to put the
window the first time it is created.
movewindow = {} -- table to hold functions like movewindow.install
-- make a mouse-down handler with the movement information as an upvalue
local function make_mousedown_handler (mwi)
return function (flags, hotspot_id)
local win =
-- see if other action wanted
if mwi.preprocess.mousedown then
if mwi.preprocess.mousedown (flags, hotspot_id, win) then
end -- if handled already
end -- if handler
-- find where mouse is so we can adjust window relative to mouse
mwi.startx = WindowInfo (win, 14)
mwi.starty = WindowInfo (win, 15)
-- find where window is in case we drag it offscreen
mwi.origx = WindowInfo (win, 10)
mwi.origy = WindowInfo (win, 11)
-- find where the friends are relative to the window
for i, v in ipairs (mwi.window_friends) do
if v then
mwi.window_friend_deltas [i] =
WindowInfo (v, 10) - mwi.origx,
WindowInfo (v, 11) - mwi.origy
end -- if
end -- for
end -- mousedown
end -- make_mousedown_handler
-- make a mouse drag-move handler with the movement information as an upvalue
local function make_dragmove_handler (mwi)
return function (flags, hotspot_id)
local win =
-- see if other action wanted
if mwi.preprocess.dragmove then
if mwi.preprocess.dragmove (flags, hotspot_id, win) then
end -- if handled already
end -- if handler
-- find where it is now
local posx, posy = WindowInfo (win, 17) - mwi.startx,
WindowInfo (win, 18) - mwi.starty
-- change the mouse cursor shape appropriately
if posx < 0 or
posx > GetInfo (281) - mwi.margin or
posy < 0 or -- don't drag title out of view
posy > GetInfo (280) - mwi.margin then
SetCursor (miniwin.cursor_x) -- X cursor
SetCursor (miniwin.cursor_hand) -- hand cursor
end -- if
if posx < 0 then
posx = 0
elseif posx > GetInfo (281) - mwi.margin then
posx = GetInfo(281) - mwi.margin
if posy < 0 then
posy = 0
elseif posy > GetInfo(280) - mwi.margin then
posy = GetInfo(280) - mwi.margin
-- move the window to the new location - offset by how far mouse was into window
WindowPosition(win, posx, posy, 0, miniwin.create_absolute_location);
-- move the friends if they still exist
for i, v in ipairs(mwi.window_friends) do
if v then
WindowPosition (v, posx + mwi.window_friend_deltas [i] [1],
posy + mwi.window_friend_deltas [i] [2],
WindowInfo (v, 8))
end -- if
end -- for
mwi.window_left = posx -- remember for saving state
mwi.window_top = posy
mwi.window_mode = 0
mwi.window_flags = miniwin.create_absolute_location -- absolute position
end -- dragmove
end -- make_dragmove_handler
-- make a mouse drag-release handler with the movement information as an upvalue
local function make_dragrelease_handler (mwi)
return function (flags, hotspot_id)
local win =
-- see if other action wanted
if mwi.preprocess.dragrelease then
if mwi.preprocess.dragrelease (flags, hotspot_id, win) then
end -- if handled already
end -- if handler
Repaint () -- update window location
end -- dragrelease
end -- make_dragrelease_handler
-- make other handler with the movement information as an upvalue
local function make_other_handler (mwi, name)
return function (flags, hotspot_id)
-- send to supplied handler
if mwi.preprocess [name] then
mwi.preprocess [name] (flags, hotspot_id,
end -- if handler
end -- other
end -- make_other_handler
-- make a mouse position-checking function with the movement information as an upvalue
local function make_check_map_position_handler (mwi)
return function ()
local win =
if not WindowInfo (win, 1) then
ColourNote ("white", "red", "Error in make_check_map_position_handler: no window named: " .. win)
end -- no such window
-- check miniwindow visible
if mwi.window_left < 0 or
mwi.window_left > GetInfo (281) - mwi.margin or
mwi.window_top < 0 or -- don't drag title out of view
mwi.window_top > GetInfo (280) - mwi.margin then
mwi.window_mode = miniwin.pos_center_right
mwi.window_flags = 0
end -- if not visible
WindowPosition (win,
end -- check_map_position
end -- make_check_map_position_handler
-- call movewindow.install in OnPluginInstall to find the position of the window, before creating it
-- - it also creates the handler functions ready for use later
function movewindow.install (win, default_position, default_flags, nocheck, friends, preprocess, start_position)
win = win or GetPluginID () -- default to current plugin ID
assert (not string.match (win, "[^A-Za-z0-9_]"), "Invalid window name in movewindow.install: " .. win)
default_position = default_position or miniwin.pos_center_right -- on right, center top/bottom
default_flags = default_flags or 0
-- set up handlers and where window should be shown (from saved state, if any)
local movewindow_info = {
win = win, -- save window ID
-- save current position in table (obtained from state file)
window_left = tonumber (GetVariable ("mw_" .. win .. "_windowx")) or (start_position and start_position.x) or 0,
window_top = tonumber (GetVariable ("mw_" .. win .. "_windowy")) or (start_position and start_position.y) or 0,
window_mode = default_position,
window_flags = default_flags,
window_friends = friends or {},
window_friend_deltas = {},
margin = 20, -- how close we can put to the edge of the window
preprocess = preprocess or {},
-- check valid
for k, v in pairs (movewindow_info.preprocess) do
assert (type (v) == "function", "Handler '" .. k .. "' is not a function")
end -- for
-- handler to reposition window
movewindow_info.check_map_position = make_check_map_position_handler (movewindow_info) -- for startup
-- mouse handlers
movewindow_info.mousedown = make_mousedown_handler (movewindow_info)
movewindow_info.mouseup = make_other_handler (movewindow_info, "mouseup")
movewindow_info.mouseover = make_other_handler (movewindow_info, "mouseover")
movewindow_info.cancelmouseover = make_other_handler (movewindow_info, "cancelmouseover")
movewindow_info.cancelmousedown = make_other_handler (movewindow_info, "cancelmousedown")
movewindow_info.dragmove = make_dragmove_handler (movewindow_info)
movewindow_info.dragrelease = make_dragrelease_handler (movewindow_info)
-- save table in global namespace
_G ["mw_" .. win .. "_movewindow_info"] = movewindow_info
-- give main world window time to stabilize its size and position
-- eg. this might be: mw_23c3c91af0a26790c625f5d1_movewindow_info.check_map_position ()
if not nocheck then -- if wanted
DoAfterSpecial (5, "mw_" .. win .. "_movewindow_info.check_map_position ()" , sendto.script)
end -- if
return movewindow_info -- the caller might appreciate access to this table
end -- movewindow.install
-- call movewindow.add_drag_handler after creating the window, and after deleting hotspots where applicable
-- to add a drag hotspot
function movewindow.add_drag_handler (win, left, top, right, bottom, cursor)
win = win or GetPluginID () -- default to current plugin ID
-- the zz puts it under other hotspots on the drag area
local hotspot_id = "zz_mw_" .. win .. "_movewindow_hotspot"
if not WindowInfo (win, 1) then
ColourNote ("white", "red", "Error in movewindow.add_drag_handler: no window named: " .. win)
end -- no such window
-- make a hotspot
WindowAddHotspot(win, hotspot_id,
left or 0, top or 0, right or 0, bottom or 0, -- rectangle
"mw_" .. win .. "_movewindow_info.mouseover", -- MouseOver
"mw_" .. win .. "_movewindow_info.cancelmouseover", -- CancelMouseOver
"mw_" .. win .. "_movewindow_info.mousedown", -- MouseDown
"mw_" .. win .. "_movewindow_info.cancelmousedown", -- CancelMouseDown
"mw_" .. win .. "_movewindow_info.mouseup", -- MouseUp
"Drag to move window", -- tooltip text
cursor or miniwin.cursor_hand, -- cursor
0) -- flags
WindowDragHandler (win, hotspot_id,
"mw_" .. win .. "_movewindow_info.dragmove",
"mw_" .. win .. "_movewindow_info.dragrelease",
0) -- flags
end -- movewindow.add_drag_handler
-- call movewindow.save_state in OnPluginSaveState
function movewindow.save_state (win)
win = win or GetPluginID () -- default to current plugin ID
-- get movewindow variable from global namespace
local mwi = _G ["mw_" .. win .. "_movewindow_info"]
if not mwi then
ColourNote ("white", "red", "Error in movewindow.save_state: no window movement info for: " .. win)
end -- no such window
-- remember where the window was
-- use actual last specified position, not where we happen to think it is, in case another plugin moves it
-- suggested by Fiendish, 27 August 2012.
if WindowInfo (win, 1) then
mwi.window_left = WindowInfo(win, 1)
if WindowInfo (win, 2) then
mwi.window_top = WindowInfo(win, 2)
SetVariable ("mw_" .. win .. "_windowx", mwi.window_left)
SetVariable ("mw_" .. win .. "_windowy", mwi.window_top)
end -- movewindow.save_state