Status bar application to manage the state of your Boot2Docker VM
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#Boot2Docker Status

An OSX menu bar application for monitoring the state of your boot2docker virtual machine so you don't waste sweet, sweet memory on a VM you aren't using.

Just click the whale, and you're off to the races.


Download the app, unzip it, and move it to your /Applications directory. Then just launch the app. Use cmd+click on the menu bar icon to change preferences or quit.

What it does

Boot2Docker Status constantly monitors (every 2 seconds) the state of boot2docker status to see if the VM is running and gives a visual representation of the state of the VM. Then by clicking the icon you can toggle the state of the VM.

To toggle the state, the app will emit boot2docker up or boot2docker down accordingly. NOTE: It does not set your environment variables in your term, so you will still need to run $(boot2docker shellinit)