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import scala.annotation.tailrec
import scala.collection.SortedSet
package object elasticTabstops:
// convenience functions to wrap Java's unintuitive split method
def split(string: String, char: Char) = string.split(char.toString, -1) // -1 so we get trailing empty strings
def splitAndStrip(string: String, char: Char) = string.split(char)
// Process runs of Some in list.
// scala> processAdjacent((l: List[Option[Int]]) => List.fill(l.length)(Some(l.flatten.max)),
// List(Some(1), Some(2), None, Some(4), Some(5)))
// res0: List[Option[Int]] = List(Some(2), Some(2), None, Some(5), Some(5))
private def processAdjacent[A](unprocessed: List[Option[A]], processed: List[Option[A]] = Nil)
(process: List[Option[A]] => List[Option[A]]): List[Option[A]] =
unprocessed match
case Nil => processed
case head :: _ => {
val (run, stillUnprocessed) = unprocessed.span(_.isDefined == head.isDefined)
val newProcessed = if head.isDefined then process(run) else run
processAdjacent(stillUnprocessed, processed ::: newProcessed)(process)
// Replace each item in a run with its highest value.
// scala> maxAdjacent(List(Some(1), Some(2), None, Some(4), None, None, Some(7), Some(8), Some(9)))
// res0: List[Option[Int]] = List(Some(2), Some(2), None, Some(4), None, None, Some(9), Some(9), Some(9))
private def maxAdjacent(column: List[Option[Int]]): List[Option[Int]] =
processAdjacent(column) { l =>
private def calcMaxedWidthsPerLine(widthsPerLine: List[List[Int]]): List[List[Int]] =
val maxNofCells =
val widthsPerCol = (0 until maxNofCells).map(idx =>
private def measureWidthsPerLine(cellsPerLine: List[List[String]], measureText: String => Int): List[List[Int]] =
def calcTabstopPositions(cellsPerLine: List[List[String]], measureText: String => Int): List[List[Int]] =
val cellWidthsPerLine = measureWidthsPerLine(cellsPerLine, measureText)
calcMaxedWidthsPerLine(cellWidthsPerLine).map(_.scanLeft(0)(_ + _).drop(1))
def tabsToSpaces(text: String, nofIndentSpaces: Int): String =
val cellPaddingWidthSpaces = 2 // must be at least 2 so we can convert back to tabs
val cellMinimumWidthSpaces = nofIndentSpaces - cellPaddingWidthSpaces
val cellsPerLine = split(text, '\n').map(splitAndStrip(_, '\t').toList).toList
def calcCellWidth(text: String): Int = math.max(text.length, cellMinimumWidthSpaces) + cellPaddingWidthSpaces
val maxedWidthsPerLine = calcMaxedWidthsPerLine(measureWidthsPerLine(cellsPerLine, calcCellWidth)) { case (widthsThisLine, cellsThisLine) => :+ 0).map { case (cellText, width) =>
cellText + (" " * (width - cellText.length))
// Replace each item in a run with None if all of its contents are empty strings.
// scala> nullifyEmptyRuns(List(Some(""), Some("a"), None, Some(""), Some("")))
// res0: List[Option[String]] = List(Some(""), Some("a"), None, None, None))
private def nullifyEmptyRuns(column: Array[Option[String]]): Array[Option[String]] =
processAdjacent(column.toList) { l =>
if l.forall(_.contains("")) then List.fill[Option[String]](l.length)(None) else l
private def getMatchesPerLine(lines: Array[String]): Array[Map[Int, String]] =
// a non-space followed by any number of chars that are either a non-space or a space followed by a non-space
val cellTextRegEx = "[^ ](?:[^ ]| (?=[^ ]))*".r
// get maps for each line containing the position of text and the text itself => m.start -> m.matched).toMap)
private def getPossCellsFromText(lines: Array[String]): Array[Array[Option[String]]] =
val matchesPerLine = getMatchesPerLine(lines)
val positionsPerLine =
val maybeLastPosPerLine =
// get sorted and unique possible cell positions using the flattened positions as varargs
val allPositions = SortedSet(positionsPerLine.flatten*).toArray
// create Options at every possible cell position { pos => { case (matchesThisLine, maybeLastPosThisLine) =>
if matchesThisLine.contains(pos) then Some(matchesThisLine(pos))
else maybeLastPosThisLine.flatMap(lastPosThisLine => if pos <= lastPosThisLine then Some("") else None)
def spacesToTabs(text: String): String =
// split text into lines prepended with a non-whitespace character (so the first cell of each line is not empty)
val lines = split(text, '\n').map("|" + _)
val possCellsPerCol = getPossCellsFromText(lines)
// replace empty columns with Nones, transpose, remove Nones, and join with tabs
val textPerLine ="\t"))
// finally, drop previously prepended non-whitespace character from each line and join with newlines"\n")