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1.40 (2010-04-04)
* integrated a change from Simon Engelsman (thanks!):
* XNextEvent() was replaced by interruptible_XNextEvent() function in do_event_loop()
1.39 (2009-12-27)
* integrated more changes from Mats Erik Andersson:
* menu file handling made more lenient
1.38 (2009-11-14)
* integrated more changes from Mats Erik Andersson:
* makefile made more flexible
* signal handler for SIGHUP now just sets a semaphore, and reloading of menu resources happens in the event loop
* fixed problems found by auditing the code with Flawfinder
1.37 (2009-10-04)
* integrated a change from Campbell Barton (thanks!):
* fixed a bug which was freeing clients' names twice
1.36 (2009-10-01)
* rewrote the inherited licences part of the readme file to take into account 9wm's switch to the MIT licence
* updated the menu options
* integrated more changes from Mats Erik Andersson:
* added a simple mechanism which updates the menu in the running instance of WindowLab
1.35 (2009-09-20)
* integrated changes from Mats Erik Andersson (thanks!):
* fixed a bug that could cause processes to become zombified
* fixed a bug that made some windows unviewable
1.34 (2006-11-12)
* if no window has focus, focus is given to new windows
* if the focused window is closed and no previous window has ever had focus, focus is given to the first client
* integrated changes from Jeffrey Drake (thanks!):
* fonts now closed properly on exit
* integrated more changes from Antti Nykänen:
* fixed a compiler warning
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* fixed a compiler warning
* changes to the Makefile
* many other misc changes!
1.33 (2005-10-16)
* integrated changes from Dushkin (thanks!):
* scrolling the mouse wheel in the taskbar now task switches
* integrated changes from Antti Nykänen (thanks!):
* fixed a crash that occurred on the BSDs (and presumably on other systems without /proc/self/exe)
* integrated changes from Gregor Imboden (thanks!):
* fixed a crash that ocurrred when there are no focused windows and alt + F12 is pressed was fixed
* events are always replayed rather than sometimes being eaten
* new windows are no longer given focus
* added TODO file
1.32 (2005-07-20)
* the executable has been made relocatable
* double clicking on a windows titlebar toggles its depth (based on code from Roland Haas)
* integrated changes from Mike M. Volokhov (thanks!):
* a segfault when using realloc() with menu items was fixed
* integrated more changes from Roland Haas:
* fixed bug with applications that start in iconic mode
* -display option added
* the initial position and size hints in WM_HINTS are now ignored since they are flagged as obsolete in the manpage of SetWMHints
1.31 (2005-06-21)
* more resizing bugs were fixed
* integrated changes from Roland Haas (thanks!):
* window borders are now taken into account properly when resizing
* bugs with XFT fonts when resizing were fixed
1.30 (2005-05-23)
* a bug that prevented windows from being made smaller from a side that was at the edge of the screen was fixed
* a bug that caused the first clients taskbar button to disappear when all clients were hidden was fixed
1.29 (2005-05-18)
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* a segfault that occurred when removing clients was fixed
* some cosmetic code changes were made
1.28 (2005-05-15)
* when the focused window is closed or hidden, focus is returned to the previous window
* fixed serious problem with using a modifier key for resizing that occurred on some systems
* changed resizing to use alt instead of the Windows key
* fixed bug when using alt-tab/alt-q to switch focus to a hidden window
* changed default fontname to work with Xorg
1.27 (2005-04-16)
* hidden windows are now shown and re-hidden when their taskbar button is dragged over
1.26 (2005-02-23)
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* various improvements to the makefile were made
* a bug with vertically resizing windows that use size increments was fixed
* a few cosmetic cleanups to various sections of code were made
1.25 (2004-12-23)
* integrated changes from Matt Borkowski (thanks!):
* some Z ordering bugs were fixed
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* click-to-focus was made to work on fullscreen windows that have lost focus
* size changes are applied to the original non-fullscreen coordinates of fullscreen windows
* all of the function prototypes were made consistent
* windows that reconfigure themselves without changing positions no longer move
* the shortcut keys behavior changed
* some gcc 3.3.x warnings were fixed (ported from aewm)
* the switch statement in handle_property_change() is no longer missing a break (ported from aewm)
* send_xmessage() now uses an XClientMessageEvent instead of a generic XEvent (ported from aewm)
1.24 (2004-05-29)
* holding down the Windows key on it's own now brings the current window to the front, after which dragging against the window's edge with any mouse button depressed resizes it
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* a few prototypes/declarations were fixed
1.23 (2004-03-12)
* resizing now optionally uses a modifier key
* a very serious bug in the resizing system was fixed
* the button graphics were altered
* the task switching keys were changed to alt-tab/alt-q
* it's no longer possible to resize a fullscreen window
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* a bug where resized windows lost focus was fixed
* a debugging statement was added
* a compiler warning was fixed
* an unnecessary get_mouse_position() call was removed
1.22 (2004-02-22)
* the middle mouse button is now used to resize the active window
* the resize button has become a hide button
* a bug when making windows smaller was fixed
* alt-F9/F10 now raises the window as well as changing focus
1.21 (2004-01-17)
* the 8½ style of window reshaping was dropped in favour of a completely new mechanism that allows users to change one or many different edges of the window independantly in one action
* small bug fix in window titlebar drawing
* integrated changes from Guido Schimmels (thanks!):
* a bitmap font is no longer referenced if an XFT font is used
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* the code was changed to use NULL explicitely
* draw_redraw_button() was renamed as draw_resize_button()
* warnings fixed when compiling using gccs -pedantic option
1.20 (2003-12-31)
* altered the button graphics and changed the default active window colour
* removed the borderwidth command line option
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* made fullscreen mode respect window size increment hints as well as maximum size hints
* clicking the right mouse button between between clicking the resize button and starting the window drag cancels resize mode
1.19 (2003-11-14)
* users can now click and drag the mouse pointer over the taskbar to quickly find different windows
* fixed bug where a menu item would not be lauched unless the cursor was moved
* corrected amount that taskbar items text are indented to match that of windows titlebars
1.18 (2003-11-03)
* small bug fix in window titlebar drawing
1.17 (2003-11-01)
* images added to windows titlebar buttons
* quit option added to the sample menu file
1.16 (2003-10-04)
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* ConfigureRequest handler modified so that refix_position() is called before gravity ids reapplied (this allows refix_position() to be much simpler)
* resize increments of zero are now handled properly
* some changes to the minimum size #defines
1.15 (2003-08-17)
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* it now compiles with Xft support (it previously referenced detail_col instead of text_col in main.c)
* extra logic added to refix_position() to keep windows from overlapping the taskbar
1.14 (2003-08-17)
* fullscreen mode now reserves space at the top of the screen for the taskbar/menubar which is only displayed when the mouse is over it (for users who want to watch fullscreen video without the wm showing)
* created a new colour to cover the screen when a window in fullscreen mode is too small to fill the screen and reintroduced a separate colour for the text
* rewrote refix_postion() to use fix_position()
* reduced the height of the taskbar - it was previously BORDERWIDTH taller than the windows titlebars
* WindowLab now reallocs memory unused by the menu options
1.13 (2003-08-09)
* depressed button colour is now derived from the active titlebar colour
* removed redundant command line arguments and made the rest less cryptic
* clients that cannot be made as big as the screen are now centred when put into fullscreen mode
* Makefile now prompts the user before overwriting an existing menurc file
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* fullscreen_client now set to NULL in send_wm_delete()
* made a few minor cleanups
1.12 (2003-07-20)
* cycle_previous() and cycle_next() greatly simplified
* unhide() function added
* hidden windows are now listed in the taskbar, and clicking their buttons will unhide them
* RATIONALE file added to explain the reasoning behind some of WindowLabs features
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* code added to keep windows (eg Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird) from raising themselves
* modified refix_position() to handle maximized (decorless) windows properly
* fixed a bug in the manpage where the description of the keybindings is all fused into one paragraph
* made a few minor cleanups
1.11 (2003-07-05)
* fixed fullscreenmode so that no border is shown on screen
* setsid() is now called in fork_exec() to prevent child processes from dying when WindowLab is killed or crashes
* support added for toggling window depth and cycling between next and previous windows using the keyboard
1.10 (2003-05-25)
* added code to toggle fullscreen mode on non transient windows when the user hits F11
* tidied up some more code
1.9 (2003-04-19)
* made new windows appear fully on screen instead of just their titlebar
* added code to destroy the constraint window if it can't be grabbed (found by Pierre-Paul Lavoie)
* removed unnecessary unmapping of windows before they were destroyed (found by Pierre-Paul Lavoie)
* integrated changes from Pierre-Paul Lavoie (thaks ppl!):
* the menurc path is now specified by a -D option on the compile line in the makefile instead of being a #define in the code
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* significant changes made to the ConfigureRequest event handler with the addition of refix_position()
* crash in dump_clients() in DEBUG mode fixed
1.8 (2003-03-30)
* integrated more changes from David Lawrence Ramsey:
* the makefile now uses pkg-config (which XFree86 4.3.0 should include an entry for) to get the library and include directory information needed to compile properly (ported from aewm)
* menufile.c changed to use XftTextExtents8() to get the proper width of text when Xft is used
1.7 (2003-03-30)
* added title bar to the reshape window
* small improvements made to manage.c
1.6 (2003-03-15)
* added visual hint when a button is depressed
* integrated changes from David Lawrence Ramsey (thanks!):
* some focussing problems fixed
* GTK resizing bug handled
* iconified windows now handled properly
* misc small fixes
1.5 (2003-02-27)
* gave menu its own colours
* many changes and fixes, especially to sweep() and helper functions in manage.c
1.4 (2003-02-18)
* added menu system - this should be the last fundamental change to functionality
1.3 (2003-02-10)
* fixed crash caused if the taskbar is clicked and no clients are present (found by lanzz)
* changed resizing to use a window rather than inverting the background
* many misc bug fixes
* fixed a problem with xft/freetype (found by Michael Haller)
1.2 (2003-01-23)
* new client window positioning algorithm altered so that it's more obvious to the user
* small bug in find_client fixed
1.1 (2003-01-12)
* some refactoring in events.c
* added some missing event handling for the taskbar window (found by Pierre-Paul Lavoie)
* made taskbar window update when a client window changes its title
1.0 (2002-12-26)
* first public release
* Rewrote init_position again. This fixes the problem with specifying a USPosition containing 0.
* Added gtk-menu client contributed by Adam Sampson <>. I want to fold this stuff into the rest of the goodies eventually. For now, just keep in mind that the extensions to .paletterc may change.
* Added a "-version" option for printing version information from the command line.
* Added some proper headers to all the files in goodies/lib/.
* Replaced strcpy/strcat in panel-misc.c with snprintf to prevent a possible buffer overflow.
* Made some improvements to the .paletterc parser: squish a possible segfault, handle comments/blank lines, ignore menu directives.
* Reformatted man pages.
* Fix typo in man page install location.
* Use -lXt when compiling Xaw goodies (required to build on SunOS).
* Added some more documentation (mostly about things that are likely to break.)
* Xft (freetype extension) support, thanks once again to help from Adam Sampson <>.
* A few Makefile improvements: only link against required libraries, easier enabling/disabling of options, don't attempt to compile against headers in the binary destination tree.
* Yet more init_position tweaks -- use x position hint even if y is out of range and vice versa, and take window gravity into account when positioning.
* Some additions and improvements to the debug code (mainly printing names of constants instead of cryptic numbers).
* Backport new init_position, -version option, new man pages, and panel-misc.c crasher/overflow fixes.
* Backport -lXt fix and new documentation.
* Fix remove_client so that it compiles with -DDEBUG turned on.
* All right, I think we're stable now. New stuff will go into 1.1.x.
* Changed init_position so that it doesn't cut off very large windows. This was merely annoying for regular windows, but it was downright buggy for incsized ones.
* Fixed compilation bug when shape support was disabled.
* OK, I broke command line parsing again. Yes, I'm an idiot.
* Fixed problem with exec()-ing a non-existent program.
* Fixed bug in init_position; we can safely use PPosition now. If windows start popping up in bad places, check their size hints before yelling at me.
* Use fork/exec instead of system(3) to run programs. Fixed signal handlers to reflect this (we need POSIX sigaction(2)).
* Cleaned up MWM hints/WM_SIZE hints code (they sort of match now), and only request the MWM atom at startup instead of for each call.
* Started yet another goodies reorganization, and ended up reverting a lot of it. However what's changed should go a little ways towards cleaning things up.
* Fix a build error where some goodies files that needed to be compiled against X were compiled without -I/use/X11R6/lib, failing on systems without a symlink from /usr/include/X11.
* Tossed out historical 'iheight' junk in border calculation.
* Use ln -f to ignore overwriting previously installed manpage links.
* If MWM hints are enabled, no-border windows will no longer get a border upon exiting.
* The order of buttons in *-palette is no longer changed by title updates or unhiding windows.
* xaw-palette was fixed to work with proper versions of Xaw (shame on me for testing with Xaw3d!), including the one in XF4. The new internals have ported over to gtk-palette.
* Fixed a shaping bug (which actually existed before changes made in 0.9.15) where a window that used to be shaped, but then became unshaped, wasn't updated properly.
* MWM hints support can now be compiled in with -DMWM_HINTS, thanks to help from Adam Sampson <>.
* Set the input focus upon entering a window frame, instead of on entering the child window.
* Display a titlebar for shaped windows. This also makes the bug where shaped windows were getting gravitated as if they had a titlebar irrelevant.
* Tiny cleanups for the Debian package, including:
* Man page for the goodies.
* Typo in makefile fixed (tried to strip manpage, ah-reer-reer-reer).
* Polished the main man page a bit.
* Free cursors and GCs in quit_nicely.
* Switch order of objects and libraries in Makefile to placate Solaris cc.
* Rename raise to raise_win -- raise is in signal.h of course (duh!)
* Added copyright notice to all goodies and Makefiles due to someone ignoring my license (this has been worked out).
* Bail out on lack of default font. You *should* be reading aewm.h first of course ;-)
* Fix really stupid thing I did while refactoring make_new_client, where a window that started as Withdrawn would stay that way instead of getting mapped.
* Deal with withdrawing clients properly in *-palette, by watching for the WM_STATE property to be changed instead of looking at UnmapNotify events.
* Clean up clients on receipt of a DestroyNotify. This is needed when a client is already unmapped (i.e, the user iconified it) and it exits.
* Preserve window stacking order on exit and restart.
* Mucked about with the make_new_client logic; tell me if this breaks something.
* Added gtk-*-menu clients contributed by Adam Sampson <>.
* Got rid of unneeded PropertyChangeMask on root window. Silly me.
* Removed the ugly array/linked-list hack from xaw-palette, so that the internal workings of both palette clients are now basically identical.
* static'd everything that should have been static.
* Updated email, documentation, etc.
* Got rid of handle_reparent_event, as a client call to XReparentWindow is taken care of by handle_unmap_event.
* Backed out the 0.9.9 change to option-parsing macros, which were causing all options to fail miserably (argh).
* Handle withdrawing windows properly in xaw-palette. Both palette clients are a little saner now.
* Updated goodies docs.
* ungravitate when printing geometry for move/resize.
* Moved more code from individual goodies to common-run.c.
* Got rid of unhide() as we never use it.
* Replaced GenericWidget typedef silliness with global variables. sometimes you just have to pick the lesser of two evils...
* Finally de-insanified handle_xerror. Instead of going through contortions in remove_client to avoid raising errors, we turn the error handler off during the server grab.
* Both palette goodies now track iconification of clients and WM_NAME changes.
* gtk-palette is now oriented horizontally, and includes a menu, providing lots more space for client buttons.
* Made the parse_option macros reusable (thanks to the comp.lang.c folks for the reminder).
* make sure get_wm_name in the goodies doesn't crash for windows that have no name.
* Minor typo corrections and stuff.
* Brown paper bag: take debugging stupidity out of gtk-palette.
* Overhaul the goodies' build system yet again.
* Gtk-palette now gets the screen size correctly.
* All switch/palette goodies now cut off long titles, use WM_NAME instead of WM_ICON_NAME, and place iconified titles in parenthesis.
* No changes to aewm itself in this release.
* Added lots of comments.
* General code cleanups, tweaks, reformats all over.
* Fixed iconic state problem.
* Plugged a memory leak in send_wm_delete.
* Added -new3.
* Fixed -new[123] allocation bug.
* Made debug code considerably saner.
* Print "80x25" and such when resizing xterms.
* Replaced sprintf with snprintf.
* Got rid of -display. set DISPLAY in your environment instead, so that it propagates to child processes.
* Messed around with the goodies' build system.
* Fixed gtk-palette; events are now filtered properly at the GDK level.
* Replaced variable length arrays with malloc/free.
* Added xsession, since I've been using it forever.
* Fix for handling inital window geometry.
* A few memory leaks plugged.
* Wrote a man page
* More consistent borders for transient windows.
* Print window geometry while moving/resizing.
* Added some WM_NORMAL_HINTS sanity checks
* Set the keyboard focus on window enter (for rxvt, etc).
* Root menu replaced by another client.
* Added -bw option.
* Border-drawing fixes (only visible if you have very wide borders).
* Got rid of mouse button exit.
* Put the root menu code back in.
* Added more goodies and reorganized them.
* Minor ICCCM compliance fix regarding WM_STATE.
* A small fix to make the palette complain if no rc file exists.
* Initial public release. Before this, aewm was called 'swim' and was used by me as a school project. It was also rather unstable.