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# WindowLab
+## Rethinking the window manager
Copyright (c) 2001 Nick Gravgaard
+![WindowLab screenshot](screenshot.png)
+> ... thank you for creating such a wonderful WM as WindowLab. It's so extremely clean and simple and fast and easy, just what I was looking for.
+> ... I must say, I'm very impressed. It has a lot of new implementations of features which tend to be rather stalely implememented in other 'new' windowmanagers.
+> Your window manager rocks ...
+> Having worked with it a little bit, I can honestly say that WindowLab is a great application. It's fast and responsive, and building the menu is simple, fast, and very straightforward. Congratulations on creating such an excellent product!
+> I just downloaded, compiled and installed your excellent window manager. Its cleanness, innovation and attractive appearance blew me away. When I switched to linux two years ago, this is what I imagined it would be like: fast and clean.
## Description
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