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-# the /awesome project
-The goal of the /awesome (pronounced "slash awesome") project is to surface the stories and stats the demonstrate how often the web is.
-What if every website who wanted to (from huge providers like Google, to networks like Etsy, to independent bloggers and individuals) added a new page to their website, located at **/awesome**.
-each /awesome page would answer a simple question:
-**“What has happened in our community that is new and awesome, and wouldn’t have been possible without the web?”**
-This would be the place for each community to pick the “holy shit” stories -- and they are so, so many -- and surface them, for the benefit of the entire movement. This would be about real people and real stories -- coming from the bottom up / edges in.
-## /awesome tools:
-Each /awesome page could be totally unique and different -- and could be designed / moderated / edited / curated in whichever way is appropriate to that community.
-As an open source project, we can develop a handful of tools to help people bootstrap their pages.
-For example, templates:
- * blog / tumblog format
- * slideshow format
- * pinterest board-like format
- * timeline-format
- * etc
-Also, we'll think about some data standards:
-I will be important for /awesome pages to publish machine-readable data that describes the awesomeness, so that it can be aggregated & built upon by others.
-So, a spec -- maybe as simple as RSS for content, and perhaps something more tailored eventually for different kinds of data.
-## join in
-This is just the eensy weensy start of an idea. There's a discussion list [here](!forum/slashawesome) - please feel free to join in.
+public website for the [/awesome]( project.

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