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MahTweets: Lawrence Hargrave

MahTweets started as a Windows (WPF) Twitter Client for power Twitter users; one of the oldest out there. Since these dark days, many other clients have come and gone. Subsumed into larger startups or based on unstable frameworks. Others have lingered. Meanwhile, the twitter-api and usage patterns have changed.

MahTweets: Lawrence Hargrave takes the nearly dead skeleton of MahTweets and resurrects the codebase as a new Windows 8 (Desktop) / WPF / .NET 4.5 project.

MahTweets is built and maintained in the style of a "shed project" - something we love, and tinker on in our spare time. What other projects take as their reason for existence: process and UX; these are not a focus for MahTweets: Lawrence Hargrave

A brief history of MahTweets

Paul Jenkins started a great Twitter client back in the day - it was a thing of wonderment in the early days of Twitter clients (particularly for Windows users).

As time passed, more people rallied to his cause - ideas were suggested, code was written, and great features were added to the app. MahTweets became the home of experimentation with new things. All sorts of doohickeys were added. Features tried, failed and removed. The scope of MahTweets grew to being a rich social media client. Everyone's ideas were committed to code and binaries where shipped.

But, like all good things, the band couldn't last forever. MahTweets was officially retired in October 2011, and the code lived on Codeplex for people to view and fork.

Enter MahTweets.LawrenceHargrave

I picked up the last build of MahTweets over on codeplex.com and started hacking on it over the Christmas 2011/12 break. Forked it, if you will. In stealth mode.

Now we have the re-starting, lazarus-like, of a project that sits in the shed. Tinker away. Try it out. Don't worry if you dent the fenders as we'll knock them out next weekend over a beer.

And who is this Lawrence Hargrave? Why use him for as a codename?

  1. He is an Australian. MahTweets was largely developed by Aussies.
  2. He was one of the pioneers of flight in the late 19th Century, and specifically invented the box kite
  3. Twitter / birds / flight. Do the maths.
  4. He did not patent any of his ideas
  5. Like the MahApps leader, Paul Jenkins, he has a cracking beard

Development Environment

Development Environment for current build

License, Copyright

MahTweets: Lawrence Hargrave remains under MS-PL (Microsoft Public License)

(c) Remains with MahApps crew; Paul Jenkins, Brendan Forster, Will Hughes & Nick Hodge

Changes since MahTweets

With loving care, many changes have been made.

List of Changes since MahTweets 3.5

As at 11th March 2012 there are many things that need doing: