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Short Term Fixes

Immediate Concerns

  • Debug/Release builds and Runs OK on Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Desktop) with the included .NET 4.5
  • Publish build will not work because WiX 3.6 on VS11; but the base of the WiX installer is there

To Be Done before wider public release of simple .msi Installer [as at 28th March 2012]

  • We are in Out-of-box mode; that is, making MahTweets: Lawrence Hargrave look & work great out of the box
  • WiX 3.6 working correctly so we get a nice .msi
  • Lawrencehargrave blog setup (domain purchased, housed)
  • icons for .mtcolumn .mtcolumns .mtdata [mtdata is csv formatted file; maybe just renamed .csv to get an editor?]
  • initial column view = "everything" and a "for me" column; with window resized to match this column width
  • maybe put a toggle on menubar to switch between two styles? Or a menu of different .mtcolumns 'settings' and permit switch between them
  • ensure scriptingfilters persist $APPDATA% cache, along with file name, giving greater cross-device portability
  • complete MahApps.Metro transition of UI elements, removal of not-required old XAML elements
  • un-geborken settings, including adding simple IEnumerable editor for the settings files
  • ? in UI rename to 'Mute' : mutetext, mute twitter client, mute person; with 'time' to mute until (+1 m, +1 hr, +1 day)