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This project is an example website that showcases the acts_as_dashboard gem.

Demo Site

You can see acts_as_dashboard live at .

Installing this example site.

To get the example up and running for yourself:

  1. Clone or export this repo.

    $ git clone
    $ cd acts_as_dashboard_example/
  2. Start WEBrick.

    $ script/server
  3. View the dashboard at localhost:3000

  4. Configure the dashboard by editing app/controllers/dashboards_controller.rb .

  5. Reload the dashboard in your web browser.

Using acts_as_dashboard in your own app.

When you're ready to use acts_as_dashboard in one of your own apps:

  1. Install the gem.

    $ sudo gem install acts_as_dashboard
  2. Learn how the dashboard generator works. It's very simple.

  3. Run the dashboard generator in your app.

    $ script/generate dashboard [optional_dashboard_name]