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'directory'=>'migrate/',//where migrations are stored. don't forget the trailing slash!
/* possible values (column-type mappings known):
* db2, mysql, mysqli, openbase, oracle, postgresql, sqlite, sqlserver, sybase
* only mysql hook provided/checked for now */
'escape'=>'`',//character used to escape table/column names
'execute'=>true, //whether to actually execute sql or return the dump
/* name of the function that performs connection/login to your database
and accepts sql to either execute (default) or echo depending on $config['execute'] */
//these will translate to e.g. mysql_connect()
//generic _sql_hook imlementation
if (!empty($config['execute'])) {
$config['link'] = $config['adapter_connect']($config['host'], $config['user'], $config['password']);
if (!$config['link'])
die('Could not connect: ' . $config['adapter_error']() );
$db_selected = $config['adapter_select_db']($config['database'], $config['link']);
if (!$db_selected)
die ('Can\'t use database : ' . $config['adapter_error']());
function _sql_hook($sql) {
global $config;
if ($config['rollback'])
return FALSE;
if (empty($config['execute']))
return "\n".$sql;
$result = $config['adapter_query']($sql);
if (!$result) {
echo("\n\nInvalid query: ".$config['adapter_error']()."\n");