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An Example Phoenix + Docker Application

A working example that's filled with Docker best practices so you can use this as a guide for your Phoenix app.


This example app is based off the latest Phoenix 1.4.x release.

  • build_path and deps_path are set to build to /elixir in mix.esx
  • Various config options were defined in .env
  • Database configuration is read in through ENV variables
  • An example root page is available at / using a page controller
  • A health check URL was added at /healthy using a page controller

This example app was generated with the following command:

mix hello

Trying Out the App

Follow the getting started section from the main file and then:

cd phoenix
docker-compose up --build

Using Docker for Windows, Mac or Linux?

Check out http://localhost:8000 in your browser.

Using Docker Toolbox?

Check out in your browser, or whatever your Docker Machine IP address is.

Learn More about Docker with the Dive into Docker Course

This app is ready to go but if you're new to Docker you may want to spend some time learning the Docker fundamentals so you fully understand how Docker works and how to expand on this example project.

If you like learning by video, check out the Dive into Docker course at

It will take you from "what is Docker?" to happily Dockerizing your own Phoenix applications.

Trying to learn Docker alone was a daunting task. I've been writing software for 30 years and while I do have some ops experience, I just couldn't wrap my head around Docker until I met Nick and completed his course. Thanks to this course, it didn't take long to build and run my own Rails app with Docker. Huzzah!

Scott J., Software Engineer

About the Dive into Docker Author

Hey, I'm Nick Janetakis. I've been using Docker in production since 2014 and over the years I've helped boat loads of people apply Docker to their apps while doing freelance work. Also, this course has helped thousands of people learn Docker.

I'm also part of the Docker Captains group (Docker reached out to me to join their team as a trusted content creator).

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