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Pieces Plugin

(c)2010 by Nick Lanham Thanks to Jens Timmerman for some of the code to select multiple pieces Thanks to Lex Leonard for some of the code to enhance streaming of pieces


This plugin adds a tab that will show the status of each piece of the torrent.

There are three states for each piece: not downloaded (black), downloaded (red), or currently downloading (blue). These are indicated by color.

The plugin works in "Classic" mode, client/server mode, and with the webui. However, in the webui piece priority setting and display are not yet supported.

Piece Priorities

If you are using the gtkui you can easily set the priority of a piece or a set of pieces by selecting them, right-click and set the priority.

You can select multiple pieces in a few ways:

  • Click the first piece you want to select. Hold Shift and click the last piece you want to select. All pieces in between will be selected.
  • Clicking and dragging over the pieces you want to select
  • Holding Ctrl will start selecting pieces without unselecting the ones you have already selected

Underneath all the pieces is a checkbox that will allow you to always prioritize the first un-downloaded pieces of the torrent. This lets you start watching a movie while it is still downloading.

To install this plugin in deluge: go to edit, preferences, plugins, install plugin and select the .egg file.

Version Info

Version 1.0

  • Ported to Python 3, Deluge 2 and Gtk 3.
  • Dropped support for Python 2, Deluge 1, And Gtk 2.
  • Added borders color option for selected and hovered pieces.
  • Added options for setting square size

Version 0.6

  • Added streaming of more than 1 piece (set to 15)

Version 0.5

  • Plugin works in client/server and "Classic" mode
  • Webui support (just piece info, cannot set/view piece priorities yet)
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 0.4

  • Fix a nasty segfault bug from 0.3
  • Easy select of multiple pieces using Shift/Ctrl
  • Big speed improvement for torrents with lots of pieces
  • Ability to always set first un-downloaded piece priority to high to enable watching of movies before they are completely downloaded.

Version 0.3

  • Support multi-piece selection
  • Don't use this version, it has a bug that will cause deluge (libtorrent) to segfault

Version 0.3

  • Finished/Seeding torrents now display correctly
  • Tooltip to show which piece you are hovering over
  • Ability to set priorities for individual pieces (via right click menu)


A plugin to show the status of each piece of a torrent in deluge



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