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DrMr is an LV2 sampler plugin. It's main reason to exist is to give a way for lv2 hosts to have a built in drum synth that can save its entire state (i.e. no need to go out to external tools and no need to save extra state). Notes are in the which you can see if you click the code tab above. DrMr currently supports the following:

  • Control via midi
  • Scan for and load hydrogen drum kits (see note 3)
  • Multi-layer hydrogen kits (will pick layer based on that samples set gain)
  • Kit is set via an LV2 control (see note 1)
  • LV2 controls for gain on first 32 samples of kit (see note 2)
  • LV2 controls for pan on first 32 samples of kit (see note 2)
  • GTK ui that can select a kit and control gain/pan on each sample
  • Custom knob widget for GTK ui based on phatknob that is both functional and awesome looking.
  • Sample grid can start in any corner of the window, to match the layout of your controller.

Hopefully coming soon:

  • Creating / Saving custom kits on a per sample basis using the GTK UI
  • ASDR envelope on samples (Will be automatable and controllable in the UI)

There is also a branch of DrMr that uses the lv2-atom and lv2-state extensions, which are both experimental lv2 extensions. Using these new extensions allows DrMr to have a number of new and planned features. The intention is to have this version become the main stable version as the lv2 spec stabilizes and more hosts support the required extensions. See the in the lv2unstable branch for more infomation. (Specifically the "Regarding This Branch Section")

DrMr is a new project, so the code should be considered alpha, but it is in daily use and should generally be stable. Bug reports are much appreciated.

Here are some screenshots:

Running inside Ardour3: Running inside Ardour3

lv2unstable branch UI with notification leds (that can be clicked to trigger the sample): New UI in Ardour3

Showing GUI in zynjacku (without custom knobs, slightly older ui): Showing GUI in zynjacku

Running inside Qtractor (Not using the GtkUI): Running inside Qtractor

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