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nicklausw committed Apr 19, 2017
1 parent 79afc6b commit 17a4e8c3701e2b76b478e7b6b26566b2d7a2df3f
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@@ -2,6 +2,9 @@ This is my little child from out of the public domain.
I'm gonna turn asm6 into a 65816 assembler.
(I gave up on documenting stuff after like a few hours, so there's a few errors
So first, let's collect the new opcodes.
@@ -252,4 +255,4 @@ Not even mentioning that later on, control of A, X and Y sizes will be added...
Oh hey, fun bug. So opcode arrays are unsigned chars, ended with -1.
Well, for an unsigned 8-bit variable, -1 is hex FF. so is a 65816 opcode.
So imagine me sitting there appalled for 3 hours as to why asm6 was suddenly
being my worst nightmare.
being my worst nightmare.
@@ -1460,14 +1460,14 @@ void processline(char *src,char *errsrc,int errline) {
void showhelp(void) {
puts("asm6 " VERSION "\n");
puts("asm16 " VERSION "\n");
puts("Usage: asm6 [-options] sourcefile [outputfile] [listfile]\n");
puts(" -? show this help");
puts(" -l create listing");
puts(" -L create verbose listing (expand REPT, MACRO)");
puts(" -d<name> define symbol");
puts(" -q quiet mode (no output unless error)\n");
puts("See README.TXT for more info.\n");
puts("See README for more info.\n");

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