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Some experiments evaluated on CompCar dataset

Created by nicklhy(at gmail dot com)

Dataset reference @InProceedings{Yang_2015_CVPR, author = {Yang, Linjie and Luo, Ping and Change Loy, Chen and Tang, Xiaoou}, title = {A Large-Scale Car Dataset for Fine-Grained Categorization and Verification}, journal = {The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)}, month = {June}, year = {2015} }

Experimental Results

  1. Make level recognition rate Alt text
  2. Model level recognition rate Alt text
  3. All results(table)
Make (Top 1) Front Rear Side FS RS All
GoogleNet 0.946 0.885 0.804 0.906 0.857 0.844
VGG16 0.953 0.949 0.259 0.777 0.789 0.767
Overfeat 0.710 0.521 0.507 0.680 0.656 0.829
Model (Top 1) Front Rear Side FS RS All
GoogleNet 0.814 0.841 0.840 0.881 0.871 0.914
VGG16 0.845 0.888 0.232 0.750 0.756 0.718
Overfeat 0.524 0.431 0.428 0.680 0.598 0.767
Model (Top 5) Front Rear Side FS RS All
GoogleNet 0.831 0.851 0.854 0.893 0.883 0.926
VGG16 0.868 0.899 0.235 0.766 0.760 0.746
Overfeat 0.748 0.647 0.602 0.769 0.777 0.917



  1. [Requirements: software]
  2. [Requirements: hardware]

Requirements: software

  1. Requirements for Caffe and pycaffe (see: Caffe installation instructions)

Note: Caffe must be built with support for Python layers!

# In your Makefile.config, make sure to have this line uncommented

Caffe build with mkl, cudnn is strongly recommended. 2. For fast-rcnn based classification experiments, fast-rcnn is needed. 3. For xgboost based experiments, xgboost is needed. 4. Python packages you might not have: python-numpy, python-scipy, python-matplotlib, python-opencv, python-scikit-learn.

Requirements: hardware

  1. For training large CNN networks (VGG16, GoogleNet), a good GPU (e.g., Titan, K20, K40, ...) is needed.
  2. Other non-deep-learning methods have no specific hardware requirements.


  1. Prepare the dataset Download the CompCar dataset at any place in you hard disk and build a soft link to our repo’s root directory as the name data:

    ln -s /path/to/CompCar /path/to/CompCar_Analysis/data
  2. Split and transform the original dataset into some specific forms

  • To split the vehicle images for training and testing into different angles, use tools/

  • To crop all vehicles from the original images

    ./tools/ 4
    # the argument `4` is the process num we use to accelerate the program, default is 2(multi-thread is useless in Python, thus, we choose multi-process).
  • Generate label list files ./tools/ will generate the label included list files.

    ./tools/ data/train_test_split/classification/train.txt make
    # You can substitute `${phase}${_viewpoint}.txt`({phase: [train, test], _viewpoints: [``, `_front`, `_rear`, `_side`, `_front_side`, `_rear_side`]}) for `train.txt` and subsitute `${level}`({level: [make, model]}) for `make`, which will generate a new `phase_viewpoint_level.txt` list file with labels after the image name.
  1. Train a CNN classifier:
  • src/caffe/ classifier training code
  • src/caffe/ classifier evaluation code
  • src/caffe/ CNN feature extractor


Source code of some classification experiments evaluated on the newly published vehicle dataset CompCar






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