A fork of http://pypi.python.org/pypi/morbid/, since it is no longer under active development and has no source code repository.
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This is a fork of the morbid queue python library which can be found here:

The original library is not currently under active development and an online
source code repository could not be found.

At the moment this fork has very minor modifications to the code in the above
link. This repository adds functionality for processing the optional 'receipt'
header on stomp commands. If a receipt header is added to a command, the
server will send a RECEIPT frame back to the client once the command is
processed. See: http://stomp.github.com//stomp-specification-1.1.html#RECEIPT


Morbid is a Twisted-based publish/subscribe messaging server that uses the
STOMP protocol. To use Morbid, run python setup.py install; then type morbid.
For additional help, use morbid -h.

It is named Morbid because it is a sin against humanity. Whoever writes new MQs
without good reason should be shot. Morbid exists only to provide basic
publish/subscribe functionality to orbited users that don't know how to
download and start a real message queue. For some reason, no one likes the
idea of doing anything in a reasonable, coherent way with more than one
process, ever.

If you want a real message queue that speaks STOMP (or some almost-STOMP) then
check out RabbitMQ (www.rabbitmq.com) or ActiveMQ (http://activemq.apache.org/)

If you want to extend this server in some way for some reason, then feel free;
just email the Orbited mailing list (orbited-users@groups.google.com) with your
patches. If this happens a lot, I'll create a mailing list and make the
repoistory public.