Demo tool for Go concurrency analysis framework
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Demo tool for Go concurrency analysis framework

The basic tool consists of a runnable code editor (for use with playground package). Designed for 2-stage transformation of Go code to an intermediate format, then analysis with an external tool.

Tools support

Configuration and usage

Server side: HTTP handler

A webservice handler is defined in webservice/webservice.go, defined as name and an init function. InitFunc sets up the HTTP handler path (using the default http.HandleFunc).

type Handler struct {
    Name     string
    InitFunc func()

HTTP handlers can be loaded selectively by flags in the executable. By default, only Godel is loaded.

Client side: Javascript

Event handlers are set up in static/script.js as ajax calls, responses should be encoded as JSON object.

  • MiGo (v1 and v2)
    • Endpoint: '/migo.v1' and '/migo.v2'
    • Response: { 'MiGo': migo_output, 'time': execution_time, 'Error': error }
  • CFSM synthesis
    • Endpoint: '/cfsm'
    • Response: { 'CFSM': cfsm_output, 'time': execution_time, 'Error': error }
  • Gong
    • Endpoint: '/gong'
    • Response: { 'Gong': gong_output, 'time': execution_time, 'Error': error }
  • Godel checker
    • Endpoint: '/godel'
    • Response: { 'Godel': godel_output, 'time': execution_time, 'Error': error }