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Add tests for shortopt equivalents

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nickolasburr committed Jan 26, 2018
1 parent 712446d commit 80822248ba8cbb7693f15904f3843804c2dd6497
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@@ -24,13 +24,23 @@ eval "$SED $SEDOPTS $SEDMATCH $TARGET"
"--last=5 --no-merges --no-renames"
"--first --no-patch --branch origin/master"
"-l 5 -M -O"
"--first --no-patch --branch=origin/master"
"-f -N -b origin/master"
"--last --no-merges --no-patch"
"-l -M -N"
"--func=in_array --no-renames"
"-F in_array -O"
"--pickaxe=git_track_map_aliases --last --no-patch"
"-P git_track_map_aliases -l -N"
"--range 954829d,67bfd35 --no-patch"
"-r 954829d,67bfd35 -N"
"--branch origin/master --last --no-merges"
"-b origin/master -l -M"
"--last=3 --lines=20,35 --no-merges --no-renames"
"-l 3 -L 20,35 -M -O"
"--reverse --last=5 --no-merges --no-renames"
"-R -l 5 -M -O"

for OPTIONS in "${TESTS[@]}"; do

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