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Package Formulae Archive

Handcrafted Homebrew formulae for a variety of packages.

Table of Contents


brew tap nickolasburr/pfa
brew install <package>


  • alphanum: Generate pseudo-random alphanumeric string of n characters.
  • battery: macOS utility for analyzing battery properties.
  • darwin-free: Command line memory status tool for MacOS X, similar to free(1) on Linux.
  • darwin-mountpoint: Linux mountpoint(1), ported to Darwin.
  • extract: Extract various archive types.
  • flood: Rapidly repeat a command.
  • git-extend: Extend Git builtins with closures.
  • git-follow: Follow lifetime changes of a pathspec in Git.
  • git-stashd: Git autostashing daemon.
  • keuka: SSL/TLS handshake analysis utility.
  • prsg: Generate pseudo-random string of n characters.
  • rng: Copy range of lines from file or stdin to stdout.
  • sc-im: An ncurses spreadsheet program for terminal.
  • trickle: Slow pipe and terminal.


Package Dependencies
alphanum none
battery none
darwin-free none
darwin-mountpoint none
extract none
flood none
git-extend none
git-follow perl >=5.8
git-stashd cmake >=3.9, openssl >=1.0.2
keuka openssl >=1.0.2
prsg none
rng none
sc-im none
trickle none