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InfoLister is a Firefox extension that lists installed add-ons, themes, and plugins.

The user documentation is at


InfoLister can be installed from


  1. git clone
  2. Create an empty profile folder, and profile/extensions/ inside it.
  3. Create a file named ``{3f0da09b-c1ab-40c5-8d7f-53f475ac3fe8}inside theprofile/extensions` directory. Put the full path to `(infolister clone)/extension/` in the file.
  4. Add user_pref("xpinstall.signatures.required", false); to profile/prefs.js
  5. Run firefox.exe (or on OS X) with the following parameters: ``-foreground -no-remote -profile full/path/to/profile`.

An example start script I use on Mac OS X is checked into the root of this repository (


The included tests (./tests/) are non-functional at the moment :(


To create the XPI just create a zip archive with the contents of the extension/ directory (not including the directory itself!). See the script for an example.

Releasing new version

  1. Update the version number in extension/install.rdf
  2. git tag VERSIONNUMBER.
  3. git push --tags
  4. publish to git pages
  5. Update changelog.txt & index.html
  6. Publish to AMO


The InfoLister website ( is maintained in a separate branch of this repository (gh-pages).

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