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An adaptation of httpd.js for the Addon (Jetpack) SDK

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Provides a HTTP server written in JavaScript for the Mozilla platform, which can be used in unit tests.

The most basic usage is:

var {startServerAsync} = require("httpd")
var srv = startServerAsync(port, basePath);
require("unload").when(function cleanup() {
  srv.stop(function() { // ideally you should continue execution from this point.

This starts a server in background (assuming you're running this code in an application that has an event loop, such as Firefox). The server listens at http://localhost:port/ and serves files from the specified directory. You can serve static content or use SJS scripts, as described in documentation on

You can also use nsHttpServer to start the server manually:

var {nsHttpServer} = require("httpd");
var srv = new nsHttpServer();
// further documentation on

Example main.js and a simple unit test (test-httpd.js) are provided with this package. Try cfx run and cfx test.

See for general information.

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