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version 0.0.3-beta.

Read about my inspiration for building this.

Contributors welcome!

  • See CONTRIBUTING to get started with setting up a development environment.
  • See ARCHITECTURE to get a better idea of how the directories are structured.


TinyTiny is an open source URL-shortener app. Deployed on a server with a domain name, users can paste URL links (like "") in the web interface and get a generated "shortened" route (like ""), which will redirect requests to the original link (much like or Anyone can navigate to these shortened links, which will redirect them to the original URL automatically.


$ git clone
$ cd tinytiny
$ npm i
$ mkdir secrets
$ touch secrets/development.js # add secret variables (see setup in CONTRIBUTING)
$ npm start

Production Setup

Feel free to deploy this for public, private, commercial and non-commercial use! You can edit variables in config to customize the app without modifying the code (modifying the code is of course welcomed as well--please contact me to share what you've added!). See /config/ for info on how to customize via the config directory.