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A simple looking glass tool (for ping and MTR)
Python Shell
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Looking Glass

This is a simple, not-very-cleverly-named looking glass tool. Supports pinging and MTRing arbitrary addresses. Doesn't support BGP tables like a lot of looking glass tools do since I don't personally own a router that speaks it with the internet.

Docker Image

This repo is a Docker Trusted Build, so you can easily run your own Looking Glass tool with Docker!

Simply running sudo docker run -d nickpegg/looking-glass will get you a container running this app under uwsgi on port 5000, in an rbash environment restricted to only running ping and mtr.

You will need to configure a webserver to serve this app as well as the files under /static/.


I recommend running this as a non-privileged user stuck inside of rbash. I tried to keep people from injecting commands, but you can never be too cautious.

I also don't do any rate-limiting since whichever front-end webserver you choose (nginx, apache, etc.) is better suited to do that task.

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