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A responsive sidebar with tabs just for Leaflet
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A responsive sidebar just for Leaflet. A fork of sidebar-v2 that only contains the necessary ingredients for use in Leaflet and provides enhanced functionality.


Why the Fork?

  • new features based on leaflet.js
    • JS API for panel modification
    • "autopan" feature, moving the map content next to the sidebar content
  • only supports leaflet (0.x and 1.x) to maintain a smaller codebase and support more features
  • compatibility with bootstrap (no generic .sidebar class)
  • provide a npm package leaflet-sidebar-v2 with main and style fields in package.json


in examples folder, available live at



leaflet-sidebar-v2 provides a simple API to dynamically modify the sidebar. All functions may be chained.


The parameters object is fully optional. The default values are shown:

var sidebar = L.control.sidebar({
    autopan: false,       // whether to maintain the centered map point when opening the sidebar
    closeButton: true,    // whether t add a close button to the panes
    container: 'sidebar', // the DOM container or #ID of a predefined sidebar container that should be used
    position: 'left',     // left or right


/* add a new panel */
var panelContent = {
    id: 'userinfo',                     // UID, used to access the panel
    tab: '<i class="fa fa-gear"></i>',  // content can be passed as HTML string,
    pane: someDomNode.innerHTML,        // DOM elements can be passed, too
    title: 'Your Profile',              // an optional pane header
    position: 'bottom'                  // optional vertical alignment, defaults to 'top'

/* add an external link */
    id: 'ghlink',
    tab: '<i class="fa fa-github"></i>',
    button: '',

/* add a button with click listener */
    id: 'click',
    tab: '<i class="fa fa-info"></i>',
    button: function (event) { console.log(event); }

/* remove a panel */

/* en- / disable a panel */

open / close / show content

/* open a panel */'userinfo');

/* close the sidebar */

remove sidebar

/* remove the sidebar (keeping the sidebar container) */
sidebar.removeFrom(map); // leaflet 0.x

/* to clear the sidebar state, remove the container reference */
sidebar._container = null


If you use the sidebar with static content only, you can predefine content in HTML:

<div id="sidebar" class="leaflet-sidebar collapsed">
    <!-- Nav tabs -->
    <div class="leaflet-sidebar-tabs">
        <ul role="tablist"> <!-- top aligned tabs -->
            <li><a href="#home" role="tab"><i class="fa fa-bars"></i></a></li>
            <li class="disabled"><a href="#messages" role="tab"><i class="fa fa-envelope"></i></a></li>
            <li><a href="#profile" role="tab"><i class="fa fa-user"></i></a></li>

        <ul role="tablist"> <!-- bottom aligned tabs -->
            <li><a href="#settings" role="tab"><i class="fa fa-gear"></i></a></li>

    <!-- Tab panes -->
    <div class="leaflet-sidebar-content">
        <div class="leaflet-sidebar-pane" id="home">
            <h1 class="leaflet-sidebar-header">
                <div class="leaflet-sidebar-close"><i class="fa fa-caret-left"></i></div>
            <p>A responsive sidebar for mapping libraries</p>

        <div class="leaflet-sidebar-pane" id="messages">
            <h1 class="leaflet-sidebar-header">Messages<div class="leaflet-sidebar-close"><i class="fa fa-caret-left"></i></div></h1>

        <div class="leaflet-sidebar-pane" id="profile">
            <h1 class="leaflet-sidebar-header">Profile<div class="leaflet-sidebar-close"><i class="fa fa-caret-left"></i></div></h1>

You still need to initialize the sidebar (see API.creation)


The sidebar fires 3 types of events: opening, closing, and content. The latter has a payload including the id of the activated content div.

You can listen for them like this:

sidebar.on('content', function(e) {
    // contains the id of the opened panel


leaflet-sidebar-v2 is free software, and may be redistributed under the MIT license.

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