A fictitious chat app using Core Data. The full circle of any app developer is implementing a chat function inside their app right? Practice makes perfect.
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##PersistChat - mobile chat app using CoreData

This mobile application's model is rooted in CoreData and the application mimicks the Facebook Messenger application.

The application loads a dummy set of friends with messages. You can..

  • select the friend
  • read their messages
  • send your own messages by inputing text at the bottom
  • simulate new messages that delayed in sending to you from that friend
  • simulate new friends sending messages in the Recent tab section.
  • see the last message from the friend in the Recent list

####When the app loads you see CoreData displaying the friends that have sent messages. Alt text

####The user can type a message and send it to Core Data to display. Alt text Alt text

####The user can simulate new friends messaging them. Alt text

If you have questions or want to contribute to this application, please submit an issue or pull request.

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