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Logging / Error emails
Post Photos
Post comments with ajax
Login needs ajax to not destroy your password when you accidentally hit login but meant to hit register
Make threads foldable
Mark people as trusted when they accept each other's invitations
But what if they're invited by multiple people? Well, they know those people so they should all be trusted.
Add revision management to everything
Make everything editable
Deploy this shiznit!
Bumpable Discussions
discussions should sort by the last-bumped date
Private messages between members
Re-use Discussion for this, but don't let it show up publicly.
Test with Fixtures
Make sure invitation and privacy system works
Membership Settings
Change your name
Handle the case where you're logged in when you receive one? Is this different? Nah.
Don't let people re-use the same invitation
Mark invitations as clicked on once that happens
Make it so when you log in it takes you back to the previous page if there was one
Put the referer in a hidden field in the login form
List users in a circle and give them member pages
Make sure people can never get ahold of someone's user id
Private messages:
sender_id -- membership
recipient_id -- membership
Perhaps it would be convenient if more things used memberships instead of the current user...
We could look up the current membership, for example
Okay, invitations. You send an email with a link in it. The link should just contain a single hash. All the relevant info would be in the database.
inviter_id - person who invited you. Automatically establishes trust with this user
You might have an account already, or not. Hm. I need to handle logins now.
Also figure out email.
Nice to Have:
Expanding textareas
SwfUpload / multi-upload support